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Blind/Dates by ~Captanddeastar
* Charming, Adorable, Flawless, Lovely Etc.
* Rom-comy without being annoying about it.
* Peter is Captain Oblivious, and yes, I've met people like that who are brilliant but wouldn't know you were flirting with them if you hit them on the nose with your undies.
* Neal is the Ambassador of Sexy and Elizabeth is as epic as always.
* OT3 forever, bb.

A Lot of Walking by ~Ewinfic
* So I read the A/N about the Big Gay Freakout and thought it was gonna be a combo of funny and heartbreaking-- well, it was crack on top of crack on top of more crack.
* John was awesome as Gay (But really Heterosexual) Zen Master.
* Their "Sexy" conversation is too graphic to be passionate, imo, so again? Crack.

You have one saved Message by ~Killabeez
* Well-written, but just a smidgen too sappy for me. I need more restraint in my fics, or something. IDEK.


Lady and the Tramp by Joanna Johnen
Flaws upon your sleeve by ~Glassy Skies
Fucking Sebastian Roché. All his fault. Go to drama school, grow your talent, London will be good for you, blah blah blah.  )
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*Misha will be on Ringer, thus the Ringer-watching will now commence, i hope he doesn't go on Two and a Half Men. or CSI. (sry, TaaHM or CSI watchers, just. not my cuppa.)

*sometimes i want to say "this except the opposite" after a comment i totally disagree with. but i don't. because believe it or not, i filter my bitchery. sometimes.

*i've read stuff i'm squicked by just to see if i get it. often times this achieves the opposite. i just get more confused and more squicked. sometimes though, "Oh, I guess I kinda get it."

*i used to be okay with PWP. i don't know what's wrong with me, but these days i can't take it.

*i was looking at some cosplay wincest, and got kinda squicked which makes me think that maybe i would actually be weirded out by wincest on screen. o.O funny thing is, i don't think i would be squicked by Destiel. which is weird because i ship wincest much more heavily than i do Destiel, and yet --i guess, because this is a brand new revelation-- i am squicked by visual incest? idek guys. j2 wouldn't squick me either. i don't know what to tell you.

*i read more books than i count for my yearly 100 goal. i don't count all of them, even if it means that my official list goes short, because i sometimes what i'm willing to try is just too damned embarrassing.

*my mind tends to see epithets as a sure sign of bad writing. like, maybe not irredeemable writing, maybe writing with loads of potential, but amateur writing nonetheless. if you write epithets and i've loved your writing? i probably erased them from my brain, just like you will with someone you might enjoy so much you don't mind if when they smile at you they have some lettuce in their teeth.
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\o/ Umm. I'm doing the blogowrimo thing in November, so expect me to have a lot of opinions about a lot of stuff, and rants about books I've read and quotes and just random stuff you probably will tl;dr and no1curr. The entries will also have commercial interruptions. Such as...

This entry was brought to you by everything Lee Pace chooses to be

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XP Anybody else doing that or the nanowrimo thing? If you do let me know, and I'll read the crap out of you.

\o/ Could you guys please rec me Dean/Castiel where Castiel is hesitant and tries to resist the inhumanly strong temptation that is Dean Winchester? I don't rly read a whole lot of Destiel, but I'm rly hankering for that particular flavor of it. Also, Cockles. Send some Cockles my way. (I don't rly go for PWP's though, just so you know) or just any fic where Misha is showcased predominantly. I miss him so much guys, you don't know. Self-pimping is mandatory.

/o\ I think I'm going to be reading more Destiel from now on, because I am under the distinct impression that he's gone the way of Gabriel. Despite all Sera says to the contrary (or because all she says the contrary) I think Castiel is mostly gone and if he ever comes back, I don't think it will be in a satisfactory manner. So fanfic it is. *K-shrug*

/o\ The walking dead:
Shane is a douche mountain, no not a douche canoe, no. A douche mountain, and not a small one either that you can hike up in one day, oh no. That bitch will take you weeks. Just when I thought I couldn't think worst of him, I dislike him more now than when I disliked him before. Wtf is with you, dude? You're like your own fucking Iago or some shit, when the going gets tough you just grow more and more corrupt. Next time I'm rooting for the zombies (look at me swagger like I wasn't doing that already).
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* Has anybody had Maple Budino? I've had it and I saw it recently raved about on TV. For anyone who hasn't had any, this is it. Right? Yummy. Well, this episode was like eating my budino and then finding a few flies in it. Basically: Yumyumyum NOOOOOOOOOOOOO Yumyumyumyum NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.


Budino bite: the Preshow Power Run. That Power Run & Ballerina stretch are life restoring. ;D (RDJ would approve)
Budino bite: Sam & Dean being brotherly aka "Yeah, okay. " I can see the Teencester fics from here. (rec me some and I'll love you forever.)
Budino bite: IS THAT A CASTIEL I SEE? It is! It is!
Budino bite: Dean in Red. Laaaaaaaaaaady in reeeeeeeeed, dancing with me. Cheek to cheek.
Budino bite: "I observe with my eyes." hehehe I beg to differ. Most of Dean's observations are heart-dick-gut based.
Budino bite: The Leviathan dude chillaxin' in his crap car with chillaxin' music. I'll miss that dude.
Budino bite: HAHAHAHAHAHA Restless leg syndrome HAHAHAHAHAHA Also, that car looked like a toy next to him. I thought he was gonna pick it up and throw it or put it in his pocket instead of move it like he did. But I guess leaning on it was better for errybody so.
Fly: Sexism; if Maggie wasn't all busy with her charity and other trivial stuff then Don wouldn't have cheated. O RLY?!?!
Budino bite: Spoiler Alert! :D Love when they use fandom slang in their show. It makes me glowey inside.
Budino bite: HEARTS IN MY CUPCAKES & Jenny (cute assistant) being "EW OLD MARRIED GUY ASIF"
Fly: Homophobia. Oh look at that conniving lesbian homewrecking lesbian conniver conniving to homewreck & now look at how she must die. How transgressive and non-faily. Or actually the opposite. Citation needed? Go here and here. ****
Budino bite: Dean trying to give relationship advice while getting so caught up in the kink side of things that he forgets what he's saying. MOVE ASIDE DR DREW!
Budino bite: A show where one of the characters claims to have bonked Christopher Columbus can't be all bad.
Budino bite: Maggie making Sam sit his ass down, son, and meaning it.
Budino bite: "You can unload. That's kind of what I'm here for!" *I AM PERV, HEAR ME FAP*

**** Yeah, it wasn't cool that Sue was machinating to keep the Witches apart, but she was written that way so that we could cheer when her head was cut off. It reminded me of when I saw "Braveheart" at the movies and a whole slew of people started cheering when the King threw the Prince's lover boy out of the window. I won't even ask you to not kill my gay characters Mainstream media (for that I have fanfic, where gay characters are heroes, get the boy or girl and save the world) I'll just ask you not to ask me to clap when it happens. Is that too difficult?

Random Notes:
\o/ I don't like Twilight and I don't write fanfic, but the "Hearts in my Cupcakes" scene made me think of domestic!Twilight. ;D I can just see Werewolf!Boy in an apron, and nothing else, umm, once he's of age O.O, cooking cupcake hearts for Edward.

\o/ How come Cas girls don't rly have a party comm, or is the party comm tumblr? tumblr is a good party comm. Except when the awesome fangirls are so frothy and flaily over their fictional gay cuties they shit on and handwave the concerns of real life gay cuties. That kinda sucks.

\o/ I love how Misha was tweeting pics of Jensen's eyes (my experience of fanfic Misha is not this romantic, fluffy Misha is now IC), because it made the lack of Castiel somewhat bearable.
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first of all various forms of Sassy:

1.I'd marry your cat just to get in the family by [livejournal.com profile] wanttobeatree (so effin' funny, classic)
2.A HELICOPTER! (there's a reason why the title is in CAPS) by [livejournal.com profile] wanttobeatree
3.The Good Part About Hitting on Dean Winchester's Brother Is You Know He's Heard Worse Lines by [livejournal.com profile] probing_grays
4.Episodes Commenting @ Sassy OTP
5.When I forget by [livejournal.com profile] glassyskies
on this half-filled canvas of a boy this fic one of the most beautiful searing portraits of Castiel i've ever read and really jives with what i think of him. i think he's bit of an accident to his canon creators, half-formed in canon, fully realized through fandom and made all the better for it.

Thinky thoughts on "Meet the New Boss" aka the Office meets A Clockwork Orange

i've decided that I'm not going to spoil myself at all this year. i don't seem to have other fans' relationship with the show, where it's like SPN is their child and they are unable to think anything negative about it and any slight criticism hits them on their primal spot and all they can think of is to protect it, defend it, and eliminate all signs of hateration. which cool, but that's not me. my relationship is a little more like SPN is that significant other that has soooooo much potential, but fails about as many times at it succeeds, but when it succeeds it does so much that it kinda really compensates for the constant failures.

so rumors about it sucking in various ways? not gonna help maintain this relationship. i'll see what i'll see and if it's bad? then i'll deal and if it's not, angsting about it before that ain't gonna help.

also, i miss [livejournal.com profile] squishyball like cray-cray. i knew that i'd miss her if she ever decide her this was enough, but it was such a weird experience watching an episode without her, not in the chats and in twitter...though [livejournal.com profile] angel_kink made it an enjoyable experience, thank goodness. without her comments and squeeing i would have felt too lonesome, because nobody i know IRL follows SPN as much as i do.

i think i have to watch it again because the more i think about it the more i'm seeming to fixate on how spoilerspoilerspoiler )
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*bradley cooper. idk man. i feel like i shouldn't like him because the guy has that stupid fucking attractive dudebro face and this white boy frat guy swagger, but-- it's like i think he's secretly not so secretly a charming dork. =/ you know, like Dean? also, monsieur cooper speaks french. o.O

*sera gamble you might be as lovely as some of my flisters think you are and i'm not going to talk about your eyebrows because apparently that is hella-sexist, but to me you are the George W. Bush Jr. of show-runners. but yes, Britney Spears, she don't run the show by herself and maybe we should trust her.

* there's a petition out there where you can sign if you want Ben Edlund for showrunner. some people are incensed saying that's a step too far, that she's like a public school teacher and she has a tenure and she'd have to noncon a Jo with a Sam on a barstool (or a desk?) to get fired. if you think that, don't sign it. my way of thinking? she can be demoted. it's no biggy, right? *coughs*Misha*coughs*

*on that note, i'm seriously considering watching "Twilight" in the movie theater for the following reasons:

-rpattz made out with werewolf dude.
-bella's hairdo looks like it was inspired by Snookie. Snookie is my spirit animal. i swear.
-the werewolf dude cried and took his shirt off AT THE SAME TIME IN THE RAIN. simultaneous-like. (which i'm a little worried about because i think Sera's going to have Sam recreate that scene in a totally necessary and not at all gratuitous moment. and when i say worried i mean FAPFAPFAPFAPFAPFAPFAPFAPFAPFAP.)
-the sex scene looks so fucking awkward and cringe-worthy, it's like the Borat of sex scenes.
-rpattz? made out with werewolf dude.

*jason isaacs, dan rad, emma and Co. describe their HP experience in one word. MY CRYES.

*jared padalecki is acting so fanfic'y in his twitter it's almost OOC.
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BOO for

*the argument i've seen going around of, "OMG CAS CAN'T YOU UNDERSTAND THAT DEAN DOESN'T CALL YOU EXCEPT WHEN ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY FOR HIS/HIS FAMILY'S WELL-BEING BECAUSE HE'S CONSIDERATE AND DOESN'T WANT TO INTERRUPT YOU WHILE YOU DO YR THING IN HEAVEN." because that's a load of bs. i mean, really? when one of yr friends is involved in a Perfect Storm of Poo you call them up, offer to help, even if there's nothing you can do. /rachel

* i was reading this J2 fic which seemed to look promising (wtf do i know) and i was a little iffy from the first (the style of writing was a bit o.O for me) but i'd read a Jared/Jensen fic in the past where Jensen was this homeless guy and Jared took him (that's believable as all hell to me) so i wanted to find a fic where Jared was the homeless guy and Jensen took him in (less believable/more of a stretch imo) but i couldn't stand the fic. i had to get the hell out of Dodge --almost broke my mouse backclicking-- because it was one of those OH WHAT HAVE I DONE! fics and apparently i have acquired some kind of allergy to the WHAT HAVE I DONE trope where one of the characters makes a mistake and spends the whole fic trying to make up for his oh so horrible mistake while the other character acts like a complete woobie. makes me want to slap people across the face with magic bricks. for real. like, i never realized how much i hated those kinds of fics and how manipulative they felt to me. ewwww. i'd rather read a chan scat watersport noncon mpreg fic. no, i wouldn't, but almost.



*Baby West being so chuckblessed adorable. OMG. already a scenestealer, i swear. ♥
*SPN CHAT. i had an awesome time last friday. those girls are cray-cray.
* Jensen living it up in a Ren-F and looking scrufftastically gorgeous. that kind of thing reminds me that actors are actually artists and that it's not just about the business.
* Jane Eyre being as awesome as i remember and more than i remembered.
* THE GREEN LANTERN stfu. i know. i know, frat boy doing his frat boy thing, idgaf. I LOVE THAT OATH, THOUGH. I LOVE IT. plus, Blake is really, really hawt in that coltish way that makes me want to see her walk and stumble and dress up her boyish body so that it looks kind of androgynous. *shrugs*
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*looking at all the con vids (seriously? the people who vid, the people who photograph and twitter and transcribe, the people who compile all this epic together? you are so fucking awesome. dear god. i have no words. seriously.) and though J2 have chemistry up the wazoo, Misha and Jensen have kind of a --idk how to describe it. like, Jensen always seems to act all steady, logical, timid and commonsensical next to Jared's crazy, goofy crackiness, but with Misha it's almost like they have this friendly competitiveness of who is going to be more cray-cray and more up for anything? it's really genius to see Jensen loosen up like that and Misha preform for him like some weird form of courtship behavior. no, i don't actually believe anybody's sleeping together ('cept possibly Sebastian with ERRYONE) but yeah. if this wasn't real life, Misha would be displaying. ;D

*i need to watch Hawaii like yesterday. errybody's raving about how everything is gay and nothing hurts unless you want it to and i'm HELLA INTRIGUED.

*read "Push" which was awesome. i'd read some of Sapphire's work before, so i was totally prepared for the high kick to the solar plexus which is how most of her writing feels like. i did think it was gonna take me a bit of time to accommodate to the jargon/slang/Precious' particular way of spewing, but no. the writing was relentless enough that i felt carried along. haven't seen the movie yet and don't find myself particularly inclined to, which i guess is weird, but-- well, it's like when you watch something you love, but don't have any desire to find any fanfic.

*tis the month no? (the one i read was about "wilding" or something like that, basically about men looking for young women to gangrape in the park. this one is less gut-wrenching.)

Breaking Karma #5
by Sapphire


It is like a scene in a play.
His bald spot shines upward between dark tufts of hair.
We are sitting in a pool of light on the plastic
covered couch, Ernestine, his last live-in,
ended up with. But that is the end.

We are sitting in the beginning of our lives now
looking at our father upright in his black
reclining chair. It's four of us then, children,
new to Los Angeles--drugs, sex, Watts burning,
Aretha, Michael Jackson, the murder of King,
haven't happened yet.

He is explaining how things will be--
Which one will cook, which one will clean.
"Your mama," he announces, "is not coming."

Two thousand miles away in the yellow
linoleum light of her kitchen, my mother
is sitting in the easy tan-colored man's lap.
Kissing him. Her perfect legs golden like
whiskey, his white shirt rolled up arms
that surround her like the smell of cake baking.

"Forget about her," my father's voice drops like
a curtain, "she doesn't want you. She never did."


Holding the photograph by its serrated edges, staring,
I know the dark grey of her lips is "Jubilee Red"
her face brown silk. I start with the slick
corner of the photograph, put it in my mouth like it's
pizza or something. I close my eyes, chew, swallow.
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♥ omg. i haven't posted in this journal in forever. i suck. i have been sporadically commenting on my flist and i posted poll/meta in [livejournal.com profile] captive_princes and i just rec's approximately a dozen fics in [livejournal.com profile] spnroundtable as February guest rec'er. yeah, still suck but whatever.

spoilsquee )

BEST SAM/OFC HET FIC IN THE HISTORY OF YOUR LIFE seriously. it has ruined me for all other het fics and i will never be the same. -_-


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