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* I LOVE MY NEW LAYOUT! omg. well, my last layout by [personal profile] faithwood was gorgeous, and i feel confident i would have never changed it if LJ hadn't played with my emotions, by taking away my ability to see who posted/icons on my friend's list, but this one is pretty too. :D

* i made another journal over @ dreamwidth. friend me if you like.

* i've been belatedly sending cards --i got sick AGAIN (this year i've gotten sick like 4 times) to the people who asked me for them (i sent everyone who wanted ONLY cards, books too 'cause--). some of you will get them in January because i'll be traveling -- but you can all pretend you celebrate the Twelve days of Christmas and that it's for Epiphany. xP or that it's a Christmasy Valentine's card, whatever. lol

* so there was that anonymous love meme running around, and i left it till too late and now, guess what? everybody gave their love and i didn't give mine and that's not fair. so here it is! my gratitude and love, show-offy and for everyone to see. <33333333333

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since i've been in fandom 3 writers have deleted their lj. today [livejournal.com profile] fleshflutter during the summer [livejournal.com profile] leonidaslion (who luckily left their AO3 (but it's not the same as an LJ --the commentary, the reviews, AO3 is just not as interactive)) and before that [livejournal.com profile] yourperiphery.

i've never been in a fandom where so many of its authors delete their ljs. i'm not saying it's not cool to delete your journal, i never would...and fanfic writers don't owe anybody anything, and there are perfectly valid reasons for not wanting to leave fanfic around or delete your journal, or do whatever you want just like the rest of us, but just--


it's sad. like a little death. =/ i hope it's just temporary. i hope that if it isn't temporary it's not because any RL or online problem.

i wish her well.
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i was reading somebody's profile page (somebody in my flist) and it got me thinking about what being a fan means and what being in Fandom means to me. this is not a manifesto or an argument about how shit just got real and if you don't agree then you're wrong. this here? is just my opinion. caveat lector and all that.

i think that a fan who stops squeeing isn't really a fan, i think they would even tell you, "i used to be a fan, but--" but once a Fan becomes a part of Fandom then they be married the squee reel can be paused every once in a while...because the very act of looking for fanfic or fanart can mean that for that Fandom-Fan canon isn't enough. canon doesn't fulfill every need, sexual, psychological, cultural, social. and that's a type of criticism. isn't it?

the way some people are, if they are not cis, or white, or heterosexual, or male, or simply if their taste for media bifurcates from the mainstream, then the mostly cis, heterocentric, white male (a world that often even fails those people since individuals are not stereotypes) world of media is not going to work for them and they have to create a media AU within that world that does and that's Fandom. (which is why the people who just come here to read and write pr0n and could not give less of a fuck about anything else sometimes get angry when their search for pr0n is thwarted by other people's search for fan-made material that isn't blatantly ableist, racist, sexist, transphobic or homophobic.)

so to me saying "i don't allow for critique" is kind of ...naive? unaware? because if you write fanfic, or read fanfic, or fanart, you are acknowledging there's a lack in canon. which may be why fandoms are built where there's potential for more, potential for gay representation and female representation and PoC representation. we see that potential and that inspires us to seek it and create it and queer it and twist it and kink it and genderfuck it for our own little AU worlds where judgment is less valued than acceptance, tolerance. where morality is characterized by understanding and suspension of censure and stuff.

or maybe we're just here for the pr0n and i'm the naive, unaware one.
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* "bitch" and c*nt (use of star to avoid possible triggers) are positive words to me. which is why, while i agree with the sentiment (Jared shouldn't have to worry about getting sexually harassed at cons) calling the woman who did it a "bitch" does not fly with me. at all. stop calling women who do something you don't approve of skanks and bitches. seriously.

* i've been watching "Community" to get to my happy place and omg, it's the best thing to happen to me since i found out that if you pour nutela in your Coke, the world may sneer at you and call you a teenage boy, but your life will be that much better. i need to find me some icons.

* this is epic ftw. i watched the vid yesterday --wait, was it the day before?-- morning and it made me cry my eyes out + grin like a loon all day. seriously beautiful. it's actually not that surprising to me. i've been called slurs (of the sexual orientation kind) in NYC (home of awesome people and rapist cops). never in the South and i lived in the South for a while and have only visited NY for weeks at a time at various stages in my life (because as i said, home of awesome people). (also ran into some trouble in Paris, which o.O, but there you go. being in a metropolitan area is no guarantee that you're going to be treated like a human being.)

* today must be my unbirthday (THANK YOU SO MUCH [livejournal.com profile] cherie_morte AND [livejournal.com profile] glassyskies ♥ ♥ NO WORDS, SERIOUSLY, NO WORDS.) :D:D:D:D:D:D

cut for Cas-based cryes bc no1curr )
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in fiction, as in reality, what counts many times is not whether the two characters/people actually consummate their relationship either by words (you know, asexual romantic people) or by actions (sexy tiems!) but whether there is the great and on the edge potential for a romantic relationship.

if we claim we are all about “show, don’t tell” then Cas/Dean are certainly about that. i’m not saying that this is the only possible interpretation to the canon— I would never say that. yet, i resent the accusation that if i do see their relationship as romantic i am using my slash goggles. no, i am not. i am perfectly happy with seeing two men love each other without adding any sort of sexual element to the equation and some of the Dean/Cas stories i most adore are no more graphic than canon is (little touches & intense and/or loving looks). i do think there’s a romantic element to how Castiel thinks of Dean, even if sometimes i consider it one of the most gorgeous, tragic, unrequited love stories of all time. (not because Dean doesn’t return the love, but because he doesn’t recognize it for what it is.)

maybe it’s because i love epistolary love-stories (sometimes the characters have never seen each other when they’re already embroiled in a passionate love-affair; Griffin & Sabine, anyone?) and i ship Abelard and Heloise (Abelard was castrated, yikes! no sexing for them— also Francis/Claire? no sexing, loads of romance, though). for me, the sexual element is secondary to the great meeting of two souls that could be embodying any bodies at all. besides, in fiction, if it’s not ALL about the titillation and the hawtness and it’s a little bit about something else, then the sex is also a metaphor for “the profound bond.” just like “the profound bond” can then be a metaphor for sex.


reblogged as a reply to another meta post (by homoerotics) from my tumblr found here. (trust-you-less)

;D i can't promise i'll ever post anything of any sort of substance or whatevfuck, but if you have a tumbler i'd like to follow you. so, umm, tell me where it is, bbs? <3 ty!
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* i miss seeing [livejournal.com profile] leonidaslion around. like, sure she's at the Archive, but it's just not the same.

* read "Pope Joan" and yeah, cool female character, but the novel suffers from what a LOT of novels seem to suffer from (hello Silver Phoenix) which is that there seems to be a quota of how many awesome female characters are allowed per book. yeah, quota of one: the freakin' protagonist, and every other woman has to be silly, childish, treacherous, petty, deceitful, envious, conniving, etc.

*watched Never Let Me Go and omg MY GODDAMNED CRYES.

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Andrew is as beautiful and as vulnerable as-- idk. i've got no talent for pretty non-scatological imagery. just think of something beautiful and easily broken. this performance was a wonder. not to mention Keira who acted the hell out of her role, selfish and self-sacrificing by turns and being completely believable at it too. Carey? feels like she's been acting forever. also? not annoyed by her quirky little mouth, which yeah, i usually dislike actors who twist their mouth because i'm odd like that.

*this reviewer is a fucking asshole. i can't believe you can write an article in this day and age where you say that girls won't watch fantasy if you don't throw some love interests in it and have the ny times publish the stinker. o.O wtaf.

*ilu Fandom. what brought this on? nothing, just-- fangirls can be awesome people. search me. * shrugs*


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