Dec. 24th, 2011

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* I LOVE MY NEW LAYOUT! omg. well, my last layout by [personal profile] faithwood was gorgeous, and i feel confident i would have never changed it if LJ hadn't played with my emotions, by taking away my ability to see who posted/icons on my friend's list, but this one is pretty too. :D

* i made another journal over @ dreamwidth. friend me if you like.

* i've been belatedly sending cards --i got sick AGAIN (this year i've gotten sick like 4 times) to the people who asked me for them (i sent everyone who wanted ONLY cards, books too 'cause--). some of you will get them in January because i'll be traveling -- but you can all pretend you celebrate the Twelve days of Christmas and that it's for Epiphany. xP or that it's a Christmasy Valentine's card, whatever. lol

* so there was that anonymous love meme running around, and i left it till too late and now, guess what? everybody gave their love and i didn't give mine and that's not fair. so here it is! my gratitude and love, show-offy and for everyone to see. <33333333333

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Some nonanonymous Love )


swan_bite: Anna eating some cotton candy and looking smug about it (Default)

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