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"Turkey Shoot" by Pink Kafka

friction match
"It's the end of the world. You can be anyone you choose to be." Daryl Dixon, at the end of the world.
Daryl, Glenn, Rick, Andrea, ensemble. Gen, with canon pairings. Daryl & Glenn friendship.
~24,800 (complete)

* I love apocafics because I like when people get stretched to their very limits. most love stories (i'm not saying love is this way --cause I don't like to make generalizations because in yr life love might be unicorns, but fiction, ya know?) are apocafics in a way, anyway, so.
* last time I read a story from a hick pov, I was reading Twain. this is part of what I love about fanfiction, that its gaze based on girl gaze, based on queer or bi girl gaze, based on straight girl who is interested in queering gaze. that gaze finds beauty and finds understanding in even the types of dudes who are usually nothing but the butts of "Deliverance" jokes.
* i read it as UST between Glenn and Daryl, and then I read it as Gen and it works either way because the author finds/shows the passion of family and friendship.
* i'm rly interested in family (duh) and I tend to MOST enjoy fandoms where family features heavily, like SPN, HP and TWD. i was thinking about how Daryl is like Draco, who has to grow up and reject his family in order to find his family.

Rating: (x(x_(X_x(o_O)x_x)_X)x)
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* so apparently when i say "i'm gonna do the blogowrimo" i mean i will watch "Arrested Development: and "Parks and Recreation" ignore the hell out of LJ, read books, and lurk like a hor on tumblr.

* i've been using a DW to private post my favorite fics because SPN has made me afraid as fuck of losing all the fics i hold close to my heart because some brilliantly talented author no longer feels any joy in this fandom and doesn't want (totally justifiable, because it's every author's right) to post their fics online. what do you guys do to save your favorite fics?

*pls to not be talking to me about the latest episode, because i haven't watched it-- I'm scared to. I feel so hopeless ever since Castiel went the way of Virginia Wolf and I haven't been able to feel the same joy and excitement I used to feel when I watched the show, and I'm just really apprehensive. though I'm actually kind of weird since sometimes tragedy makes me go in the other direction-- like "Glory" with Den Washington: that kind of tragedy lifts me up into the stratosphere. I'm not sure though, that SPN can deliver that amount of beautiful catharsis.

* want a card or a card and a book? made by little old me? go here! xP some awesomesauce bitches have already signed up. don't miss out on my cracktastic fanart cards and flawless taste in gay books! ;DDDDD

FanReading List for the Holidays.
i encourage y'all to do this, create your own reading lists of fics and comment, because comments are ♥ and authors everyone can use a little ♥ during the Holidays.
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first of all HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! may the great pumpkin bring you goodies.



I'm having Nightshifter flashbacks-- wait, now it's Romanov family. shit.i used to watch that made for tv movie they used to give and i CRIED BUCKETS over the Romanovs when I was little. anybody know wtf i'm talking about? anybody? no? oh well.

Meatsicles sounds kinda homoerotic but in a bad way.

Above paygrade monsters. awww, Sandy was in MENSA. =( Miss the hell out her.

"I'm giving away all my secrets because I haven't the Evil Overlord List of what not to do when you're, you know, an evil overlord."

Sam and Dean Winchester Manhunt. How fucking awesome. I love when they're running from the po-pos. I want to read a really amazingsauce boys get arrested, mistaken for psychos, interrogated by FBI agents type of fic.

HAIR! lol see? we Sam-girls always knew hair was important. Cloned with hair. :D yay

"If you're going to be stupid, you might as well be smart about it," should be on the Winchester family crest.

One of those Agents is kind of cutie Tom Feltonish. #onceamalfoyalwaysamalfoy

this dude reminds me of Ronald from Nightshifter with his cyborg stories.

200 million cameras? WTF. i'm going to start Greta Garboing it and not get out of the house for ANYTHING. they're going to have to deliver those "Krispy Kreme" donuts to my house.

Mr. and Mr. Smith :::::::::::DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDOMG!!!!!!!! Dean is Angelina Jolie. he has the lips for it.

off with his head? that's the secret? to Marie Antoinette it?

"Your Doublemints are using a car just like one outside." Holy shit. I knew this day would come.

Sheriff Sassy in the haaaaaaaaaaause. Nice things are happening to Bobby. Shit is going down. I'll never believe anything good will come to Bobby's life. Ever.

A my little pony + I'm so out of love
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The Leviathans are talking about Dean/Sam characterizations and some surprise PULP FICTION. They talked shit about Sundance blah blah blah Newman blah blah Redford but it's all about the "Quarantino."

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Dean/Dean :D:D:D:D:D:D

Cleanliness is holiness, you fucked up Leviathan dickwad.

"I'm not your brother."How much do I love Sammy's scared face?

booo i wanted more interaction between the fake brothers with the real brothers

Sam and Dean Winchester are dead. again.

Sheriff Sassy is seriously giving Bobby the look. you know the look, it's the same look fake-Dean (can't sing or maybe he can) gave real-Dean.



"Don't Roofie me and call it romance." I'm carving that shit on my ass, like that Twihard kid carved Edward on his arm.

"Kinda like you helped Amy?" Oh, baby. Whatever. Like you never lied to Dean. Yeah.

I understand though. I've fanfic'd this in my mind and I can see Sam thinking of Amy out in the world, with her son, like maybe he didn't have a mother --didn't deserve one, was always meant not to have one-- but that non-human little boy, he had a mom who would do anything for him. Monstrous soul-selling things for him. And now he's had his rug pulled from under him. Which yeah, temporary separation.

I guess this was the "I can't even look at you" scene they had to beta. Fuck it, bbs. It was "I can't even look at you right now" in my troll-head anyway. xD

The Walking Dead
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