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Winter Reading List Part I

recs recs and more recs ahoy! )
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1. My Flist is talking about Mary Sues again! Which seems to be really necessary, because people keep missing the point which is, DO NOT USE THE TERM MARY SUE AS ANOTHER WAY TO DISMISS FEMALE FICTIONAL CHARACTERS. (Also, stop using the term to deflect the potentially sexist reason you ((yes, and I)) may have to hate a female fictional character. 'Cause I may hate a fic girl for a good reason, for a sexist reason, or for a good and sexist reason, but saying "She's a Mary Sue" may stop me from examining my reasons, and my prejudices and may slow my process in becoming slightly less faily).

2. Was going to look at a 7.4 promo thingy despite my former claims of spoilerphobia, but when I clicked on the play button and Sera's face apparitioned on my screen-- dear lord, it was like someone had just peed on my Krispy Kreams. you know how sometimes you don't like a certain fandom person, because they are like the nails scrapping a chalkboard of your Fandom life? and them you come across them in some comm or on yr dash? this is how I feel about about Sera. Just looking at her makes me feel sour, and this is not a good feeling. She's to me what Bucky fucken' Dent is to the Red Socks. Sera Fucken' Gamble. (I don't dislike her as a person. I dislike her writing and her decisions and how she blithely confesses not knowing what characters she is responsible for would do in X and Y situations. The way she works, to me, reflects a lack of respect for her audience. Aaaaaaaand I say all this because I am conscious of how this appears, defending fictional girls and criticizing a Real Life Woman in a position of power in the same post. C'est la vie, I'm snarky enough to shrug and wish she didn't suck so I didn't have to say she sucked.)

3. Nevertheless I was somewhat spoiled by a friend and apparently spoiler )

4. Got this from the tumblr Slaughterhouse90210 “She hated the nameless women in stories, as if they lived and died so that men could have metaphysical insights.”
—Chad Harbach, The Art of Fielding

Sound familiar? huh? huh?

5. CONGRATS WORLD, BECAUSE YOU ARE CURRENTLY GETTING A NEW HAPPY AND FABULOUSLY HAIRED, POTENTIALLY MOOSEY ADDITION! In other words, congrats Gen and Jared. It's awesome when awesomeness comes together to create more awesome. As God, the first slasher told Adam and Eve when he got them together in that Garden, go forth and multiply. Or at least, practice. (makes perfect bbs).

6. Since we're talking about het (^ look above) lemme talk a little bit about this het fic read I read with future!Cas and Anna, and if anybody wants a look at it, i'll even scrounge up the link. Anyways, I was reading the fic, because my love of Jane has made me so much more open to het pairings (I always was okay with them, but I seldom went out searching because heterosexuality is so pervasive and fandom was like this breeze of non-heteronormative air or whatever, which I need less and less as more and more girls who are aware of queerness, aware of feminism, just, you know! aware write fics with girls with boys in ways which that are as transgressive as m/m or f/f ((and sometimes m/m and f/f or f/m/f or m/f/m fics are sadly not)) and I started weeping (inside) at how it could have been if we'd had Cas turn human instead of -- of-- whatever the hell happened. I could almost envision the barrage of bittersweet fic, when Cas realizes that if he wants to get from point A to point B he's going to have to do more than douche-squint, when he realizes his body needs sleep, sustenance, sex. When Dean starts looking at him differently because he IS different, himself yes, but a man also. Idk. They cheated themselves out of awesome canon and totally cheated us.

7. Comic rec: Starfighter. (look @ icon)

8. This year I read The Mind's Eye, Touching the Rock by Hull and now The Quiet Verse feels like a continuation. Jensen's written like a whole body listener, and while he's not ready to surrender to the silence (DO NOT GO QUIETLY INTO THE SOUNDLESS NIGHT!) neither is he bitter about it. For some reason, while familiar and instantly recognizable is well and good, imo fresh and original always makes things seem realer. ;D

9. Communities I'm excited about/currently lurking/stalking: [livejournal.com profile] spn_j2_bookclub, [livejournal.com profile] sd_recs, and [livejournal.com profile] hd_canon_fest (I'm not rly that excited about that one ((not because the comm sux, just that my fandom spirit has waned on h/d)) but I'm using it to get into the H/D mood for x-mass because I've read hd_hols fanfic for the past 5 years and not doing it again would be too, too sad.)

10. tumblr is no longer enemy #1. it's actually lifting my spirits on the whole Cas issue. I know, I accept the title of Fickle Hor and thank you for the crown, it's lovely today, but I may change my mind so stick around. It's so full of Castiel is the ambassador of awesome, trufax and OMG AVENGERS MY BODY IS SO READY/EVERYTHING IS JOSS WHEDON AND NOTHING HURTS, SURPRISINGLY ((UNLESS HE KILLS LOKI, THE BAAASTERD)) that I just click, let my clicker roam and smile. like this: :D. tumblr, bringing a smile to my face since 5 seconds ago though before that it made me want to kick puppies in the face. WHO KNEW?
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i am desperately seeking susan looking for an artist to draw my summer header. and summer? it's almost over. okay, i'm exaggerating but not by much. what do I want?

Sin (from the very enjoyable Demon's Surrender) Baby Doll, Castiel, Erik, Harry Potter & Spock chillin' at the beach, like it's a Corona commercial, with said coronas and margaritas and whatever else being drank while tanning. is that really too much to ask? come on, you know you want to see Castiel and Spock building a sandcastle while Harry warns Erik on the dangers of becoming the Next Dark Lord while Erik flirts with him (having that thing for earnest, self-righteous boys that he does) and Sin and Baby Doll share a huge beach-towel and Sin rubs a LOT of sunscreeen on Baby's delicate skin because it could burn to a crisp and...er...my screen is getting foggy and i've lost my train of thought. what was i talking about again?

right. i need to find me an artist. =/ you know any? help me out. pls?
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*bradley cooper. idk man. i feel like i shouldn't like him because the guy has that stupid fucking attractive dudebro face and this white boy frat guy swagger, but-- it's like i think he's secretly not so secretly a charming dork. =/ you know, like Dean? also, monsieur cooper speaks french. o.O

*sera gamble you might be as lovely as some of my flisters think you are and i'm not going to talk about your eyebrows because apparently that is hella-sexist, but to me you are the George W. Bush Jr. of show-runners. but yes, Britney Spears, she don't run the show by herself and maybe we should trust her.

* there's a petition out there where you can sign if you want Ben Edlund for showrunner. some people are incensed saying that's a step too far, that she's like a public school teacher and she has a tenure and she'd have to noncon a Jo with a Sam on a barstool (or a desk?) to get fired. if you think that, don't sign it. my way of thinking? she can be demoted. it's no biggy, right? *coughs*Misha*coughs*

*on that note, i'm seriously considering watching "Twilight" in the movie theater for the following reasons:

-rpattz made out with werewolf dude.
-bella's hairdo looks like it was inspired by Snookie. Snookie is my spirit animal. i swear.
-the werewolf dude cried and took his shirt off AT THE SAME TIME IN THE RAIN. simultaneous-like. (which i'm a little worried about because i think Sera's going to have Sam recreate that scene in a totally necessary and not at all gratuitous moment. and when i say worried i mean FAPFAPFAPFAPFAPFAPFAPFAPFAPFAP.)
-the sex scene looks so fucking awkward and cringe-worthy, it's like the Borat of sex scenes.
-rpattz? made out with werewolf dude.

*jason isaacs, dan rad, emma and Co. describe their HP experience in one word. MY CRYES.

*jared padalecki is acting so fanfic'y in his twitter it's almost OOC.
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i cheated the hell out this poll. i didn't choose any fics i 've read, but didn't like. *shrugs* i don't want some drek to get on the shelf. sue me. (i'm sure i left out some, did this poll quick and dirty.)

A Tale of Horns by [info]pushdragon [NC-17]
An Act of Simple Devotion by [info]blamebrampton [R]
And Your Damage Done by [info]twistedm [NC-17]
Arctic Fox by [info]scrtkpr [NC-17]
Beneath Boundless Skies by [info]blamebrampton [R]
Cupid by [info]cutecoati [R]
DIY Messiah by [info]scoradh [R]
Draco Malfoy's Travelling Theatre of the Strange and Spectacular by [info]melusinahp [NC-17]
Drink Up Thy Zider: A South Hams Pomona by [info]wemyss [R]
Earthbound Spook by [info]cest_what PG-13
Ember to Ember by [info]annafugazzi [R]
Fathers who could do with a spot of sinning by [info]blamebrampton [PG] WIP
For the Public Good by [info]blamebrampton [PG]
For Whatever Ails You by [info]frayach [NC-17]
Foundations by [info]saras_girl [NC-17]
He Dreams in Monochrome by [info]furiosity [NC-17]
Interregnum by [info]furiosity [NC-17]
Kiss a Boy in London Town by [info]femmequixotic [NC-17]

Love Like a Razorblade by [info]furiosity [NC-17]
Misuse of Muggle Artifacts by [info]scrtkpr [NC-17]
My Nawa Jūjun by [info]roma_fics [NC-17]
Now The Shining Sun Is Up by [info]tkp [PG-13]
On One's Knees by[info]pir8fancier [NC-17]
Perfect Day by [info]scrtkpr [R]
Powerful Men by [info]frayach [R]
Retroversion (With or Without You) by [info]melusinahp [R]

Stain of Silence by [info]brummell [NC-17]
Survival of the Species by [info]roma_fics [NC-17]
Take A Sad Song (And Make It Better) by [info]femmequixotic [NC-17]
The Arc of the Pendulum by [info]brummell [NC-17]

The Last Temptation of Draco Malfoy by [info]potteresque_ire [NC-17]
The Price of Valour by [info]weasleywench [NC-17]

We are Legend by [info]vaysh11 [NC-17]
What could have been (and what was) by [info]amanuensis1 [R]
When the Clocks Stopped by [info]vaysh11 [NC-17]


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