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* I LOVE MY NEW LAYOUT! omg. well, my last layout by [personal profile] faithwood was gorgeous, and i feel confident i would have never changed it if LJ hadn't played with my emotions, by taking away my ability to see who posted/icons on my friend's list, but this one is pretty too. :D

* i made another journal over @ dreamwidth. friend me if you like.

* i've been belatedly sending cards --i got sick AGAIN (this year i've gotten sick like 4 times) to the people who asked me for them (i sent everyone who wanted ONLY cards, books too 'cause--). some of you will get them in January because i'll be traveling -- but you can all pretend you celebrate the Twelve days of Christmas and that it's for Epiphany. xP or that it's a Christmasy Valentine's card, whatever. lol

* so there was that anonymous love meme running around, and i left it till too late and now, guess what? everybody gave their love and i didn't give mine and that's not fair. so here it is! my gratitude and love, show-offy and for everyone to see. <33333333333

free glitter text and family website at FamilyLobby.com

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Some nonanonymous Love )
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if anybody wants a card, apply here :D:D:D:D:D i love to make cards, believe it or not. xP also, if you want me to send you a book, tell me and i'll send you one. i tend to have more than one copy of queerlit books around, as part of my evil gay agenda? so i'll be more than happy to send you a well-thumbed or new copy of one of my favorite/at the very least entertaining le gay books. the condition is that you have to read the novel and then tell me if you hate it or love it or have decided that the best use for it would be to use as kindling or as a chafey substitute for toilet paper.

i'm screening the comments. <3



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