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* “the reichenbach fall” was beautiful. Ngl, as an SPN fandomer I was totally envious of the You-Know-What scenes, they were poignant and heartfelt and at no moment did I sense I was being manipulated. I felt like sending these episodes to Gamble and Co. and saying, “See here? This is how you send people off.”

* I exist in a continuous state of appreciation life Jared Padalecki and I respect his work as an actor, which I think has improved through the years, but the dude talks shit...or he sounds like an ignoramoose when he tries to excuse SPN's writers for their logic-defying fuckery. First of all, Castiel didn't hate Sam or dislike him or whatever the fuck he said about Castiel, and Sam does not hate or dislike him back. Just because an interviewer says, “X doesn't like Sam,” you don't have to say, “Well, Sam doesn't like X either.” Seriously. Also dude! Castiel as a god was not going to prevent SPN from having awesome plots and awesome episodes, mainly for Iron Man, Superman, Captain America, Hulk, Superhero reasons. Because you can have a super powerful being exist and still have conflict and danger. Really. What you can't do is make it abundantly clear that the boys will survive a nuke if they just get inside a fridge and that every single guest star is cannon fodder, a redshirt on Star Trek, a gay character in a drama, a child's pet goldfish, a poc in a scary movie, don't get attached guys, thisshowisabouttwobrothersandfuckcharacterarcsandjourneysandtherulesofscreenwritingorwritingingeneralforreasonshavingtodowithreasons.

* Did I enjoy Time After Time? yes I did. But like everything in SPN these days, I have my reservations. I LOVVVVVVVVVEEEEEE Veronica Mars season 1&2, because it is made out of amazeballs and awesomesauce with a cheery of epic on top, and a good part of that epic and amazeballs was the Veronica/Logan chemistry, which was Jared&Jensen proportions of wonderfulness. and so I expected a lot more Dohring than I got. Yay! Dean being a fanboy in a fedora, but woe! Dohring is sarcastic, bitter, and wittily hilarious given the right dialogue and what do we get instead? A bland, sappy semi-powerful god who told the bros that their title sequence was a representation of their future. Which, yeah. OTOH, yes, fanboy Dean in a fedora. :D Hawt like fiah.

*Megaupload just got busted, guys. Get ready because the zombies are coming.

Winter Reading Part Deux
(most of these fics were found through pianoforeplay and unfitforsociety, so thanks, dolls.)
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*i'm of two minds about "Time for a Wedding!" half of me wants to pretend that episode doesn't exist, because it screws around with my idea of what Supernatural is all about, it was riddled, just riddled with issues (u mad noncon for the lulz? no, son, just disappoint) and part of me cackled madly: Dean flailing like he gets paid by the flail was beautiful. ;D and there were images that looked so pretty and gifable. oh, my, slashy gawds, the image of the j2's in wedding suits. trufax, i pretended for half a second the j's were marrying each other in a Double Wedding with Gen and Dann. *sighs* i've also acquired a sweater-fetish, to go along with my freckle-fetish and once again i have this show to blame.

* the solution i think is to pretend the episode didn't happen, and that some clever fangirls cleverly maniped some clever wedding au, some professor Jensen AU and some gorgeously bearded professor Crowley. also, exhibit Sam-tied-down-to-a-bed for the kinkmeme. :D

*you know, i wish the fangirl and the nerdy-girl were as rehabilitated in the mainstream as the fanboy and the nerd-boy seem to be. sure, flake and quirky girl are all around, right? (Meg, Zoe, Sandra, ReneeZell, Luna, Amelie) but the nerdy girl is sad 'n lonely, unless she revamps herself. and the fangirl? well, she's a pathetic creature whose libido makes her lust for guys who would NEVER give her the time of day, getting above herself in the hierarchy of sexay hawtness and clearly this is a source of pity, derision and fuckloads of secondhand embarrassment. after all we all know that Becky might have a great personality, but she would only snag a guy like Sam if she pumped him full of love-juice.

* i'm not sure the writers are aware of what they're writing. no, not because they made fun of fangirls (grudgewank this ain't) but because making fun of fangirls is like the joke that's been done so many times you sneer at it unless you're trying your damnedest to be polite. only then can you manage a half-hearted chuckle. perhaps the writers think they're being clever and but. idk. i don't understand why they go for stereotypes and mainstream fuckery when they could go for originality and pushing-the-envelopeism, wtf have they got to lose? it's not like SPN is uber popular, they could pretty much get away with everything. so why go with the sameold sameold. i don't get it.

*in my head-fic, the wedding scene? turns into wincest or Destiel fanfic, because that scene is a scene in Becky's head and then Becky's blog. (also, because not even in Vegas can dead guys marry.) in reality, Becky decides to become a hunter. she tries to figure out the good luck/bad girl situation, because she's flawless, epic, smarty-pants but she's also a newb and she figures this might be a manageable job. once she realizes she's a bit in over head she contacts D. the brothers are in the neighborhood as part of their annual Vegas trip and they join up to shank the Crossroads Demon, to make the awesomeballs team that ever awesomed. surprise!Crowley swaggers in, insults Becky like a boss, Becky insults him back (I'm sure your dick has a great personality, three more inches should make four, because girls with great personalities know how to count) and swaggers out. like a boss. The End.
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* RIP you gorgeous dog. i'm trying not to think about this too much, i can't really process animals dying.

* what i look for in fanfic in general terms. these are generalizations, because --as we all know-- a good writers can seduce us into making plenty of exceptions despite or worst or better judgment.

* in poetic terms what i look for in fanfic: between the shadow and the soul )

emotional exhibitionism, the need to Hollywood it up and seek public validation, or validation from certain people, the belief that your love ain't enough until you go to a dinner and have people clap as you tilt and kiss? squicks me quite as much as the squickiest thing you can think of. like a chan scat watersports noncon OOC fic. because it's reality tv masquerading as fanfic. my favorite fanfic authors do not take their inspirations from the Jersey shore or the Kardashians.

* i thought [livejournal.com profile] fleshflutter was coming back. it's taking longer than i expected and i'm not enjoying the wait. i also miss [livejournal.com profile] squishyball. *HOLDS UP A BOOMBOX* *IN YOUR EYES THE LIGHT THE HEAT IN YOUR EYES I AM COMPLETE*

* i totally missed the trenchcoat! how could i miss it? well, i had less than an optimal experience watching the show yesterday. i rudely invited myself to an SPN chatroom with [livejournal.com profile] angel_kink while she was less than inclined to discuss a show she's currently boycotting with me, for obvious fucking reasons, and proceeded to ignore me while talking about Carnivale, which she warned me was "slow but brilliant." i then left having realized the error of my ways, and it kind of shaped my opinion of the episode, which has been somewhat redeemed in my eyes with that day-after perspective one gets after the pounding headache of the hangover has abated. the pretty wincesty gifs in tumblr didn't hurt. who knew that tumblr was going to turn into my source of canon-squee. it's still no more than passable, but it's not poo (as i told [livejournal.com profile] drunkcascookies yesterday).
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*Woke up for the Wincest*
Reaction: Woman in my screen. She dead.
*Woke up for the Wincest*
*Woke up for the Wincest*
Reaction: Black girl on my screen. Cute Dead Black girl waking.
*Woke up for the Wincest*
*Woke up for the Wincest*
Reaction: Cute Dead Black girl. Cute girl getting rescued.
*Woke up for the Wincest*
Reaction: Cute girl rescued.
*Woke up for the Wincest*
*Woke up for the Wincest*
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first of all HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! may the great pumpkin bring you goodies.



I'm having Nightshifter flashbacks-- wait, now it's Romanov family. shit.i used to watch that made for tv movie they used to give and i CRIED BUCKETS over the Romanovs when I was little. anybody know wtf i'm talking about? anybody? no? oh well.

Meatsicles sounds kinda homoerotic but in a bad way.

Above paygrade monsters. awww, Sandy was in MENSA. =( Miss the hell out her.

"I'm giving away all my secrets because I haven't the Evil Overlord List of what not to do when you're, you know, an evil overlord."

Sam and Dean Winchester Manhunt. How fucking awesome. I love when they're running from the po-pos. I want to read a really amazingsauce boys get arrested, mistaken for psychos, interrogated by FBI agents type of fic.

HAIR! lol see? we Sam-girls always knew hair was important. Cloned with hair. :D yay

"If you're going to be stupid, you might as well be smart about it," should be on the Winchester family crest.

One of those Agents is kind of cutie Tom Feltonish. #onceamalfoyalwaysamalfoy

this dude reminds me of Ronald from Nightshifter with his cyborg stories.

200 million cameras? WTF. i'm going to start Greta Garboing it and not get out of the house for ANYTHING. they're going to have to deliver those "Krispy Kreme" donuts to my house.

Mr. and Mr. Smith :::::::::::DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDOMG!!!!!!!! Dean is Angelina Jolie. he has the lips for it.

off with his head? that's the secret? to Marie Antoinette it?

"Your Doublemints are using a car just like one outside." Holy shit. I knew this day would come.

Sheriff Sassy in the haaaaaaaaaaause. Nice things are happening to Bobby. Shit is going down. I'll never believe anything good will come to Bobby's life. Ever.

A my little pony + I'm so out of love
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The Leviathans are talking about Dean/Sam characterizations and some surprise PULP FICTION. They talked shit about Sundance blah blah blah Newman blah blah Redford but it's all about the "Quarantino."

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Dean/Dean :D:D:D:D:D:D

Cleanliness is holiness, you fucked up Leviathan dickwad.

"I'm not your brother."How much do I love Sammy's scared face?

booo i wanted more interaction between the fake brothers with the real brothers

Sam and Dean Winchester are dead. again.

Sheriff Sassy is seriously giving Bobby the look. you know the look, it's the same look fake-Dean (can't sing or maybe he can) gave real-Dean.



"Don't Roofie me and call it romance." I'm carving that shit on my ass, like that Twihard kid carved Edward on his arm.

"Kinda like you helped Amy?" Oh, baby. Whatever. Like you never lied to Dean. Yeah.

I understand though. I've fanfic'd this in my mind and I can see Sam thinking of Amy out in the world, with her son, like maybe he didn't have a mother --didn't deserve one, was always meant not to have one-- but that non-human little boy, he had a mom who would do anything for him. Monstrous soul-selling things for him. And now he's had his rug pulled from under him. Which yeah, temporary separation.

I guess this was the "I can't even look at you" scene they had to beta. Fuck it, bbs. It was "I can't even look at you right now" in my troll-head anyway. xD

The Walking Dead
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* Has anybody had Maple Budino? I've had it and I saw it recently raved about on TV. For anyone who hasn't had any, this is it. Right? Yummy. Well, this episode was like eating my budino and then finding a few flies in it. Basically: Yumyumyum NOOOOOOOOOOOOO Yumyumyumyum NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.


Budino bite: the Preshow Power Run. That Power Run & Ballerina stretch are life restoring. ;D (RDJ would approve)
Budino bite: Sam & Dean being brotherly aka "Yeah, okay. " I can see the Teencester fics from here. (rec me some and I'll love you forever.)
Budino bite: IS THAT A CASTIEL I SEE? It is! It is!
Budino bite: Dean in Red. Laaaaaaaaaaady in reeeeeeeeed, dancing with me. Cheek to cheek.
Budino bite: "I observe with my eyes." hehehe I beg to differ. Most of Dean's observations are heart-dick-gut based.
Budino bite: The Leviathan dude chillaxin' in his crap car with chillaxin' music. I'll miss that dude.
Budino bite: HAHAHAHAHAHA Restless leg syndrome HAHAHAHAHAHA Also, that car looked like a toy next to him. I thought he was gonna pick it up and throw it or put it in his pocket instead of move it like he did. But I guess leaning on it was better for errybody so.
Fly: Sexism; if Maggie wasn't all busy with her charity and other trivial stuff then Don wouldn't have cheated. O RLY?!?!
Budino bite: Spoiler Alert! :D Love when they use fandom slang in their show. It makes me glowey inside.
Budino bite: HEARTS IN MY CUPCAKES & Jenny (cute assistant) being "EW OLD MARRIED GUY ASIF"
Fly: Homophobia. Oh look at that conniving lesbian homewrecking lesbian conniver conniving to homewreck & now look at how she must die. How transgressive and non-faily. Or actually the opposite. Citation needed? Go here and here. ****
Budino bite: Dean trying to give relationship advice while getting so caught up in the kink side of things that he forgets what he's saying. MOVE ASIDE DR DREW!
Budino bite: A show where one of the characters claims to have bonked Christopher Columbus can't be all bad.
Budino bite: Maggie making Sam sit his ass down, son, and meaning it.
Budino bite: "You can unload. That's kind of what I'm here for!" *I AM PERV, HEAR ME FAP*

**** Yeah, it wasn't cool that Sue was machinating to keep the Witches apart, but she was written that way so that we could cheer when her head was cut off. It reminded me of when I saw "Braveheart" at the movies and a whole slew of people started cheering when the King threw the Prince's lover boy out of the window. I won't even ask you to not kill my gay characters Mainstream media (for that I have fanfic, where gay characters are heroes, get the boy or girl and save the world) I'll just ask you not to ask me to clap when it happens. Is that too difficult?

Random Notes:
\o/ I don't like Twilight and I don't write fanfic, but the "Hearts in my Cupcakes" scene made me think of domestic!Twilight. ;D I can just see Werewolf!Boy in an apron, and nothing else, umm, once he's of age O.O, cooking cupcake hearts for Edward.

\o/ How come Cas girls don't rly have a party comm, or is the party comm tumblr? tumblr is a good party comm. Except when the awesome fangirls are so frothy and flaily over their fictional gay cuties they shit on and handwave the concerns of real life gay cuties. That kinda sucks.

\o/ I love how Misha was tweeting pics of Jensen's eyes (my experience of fanfic Misha is not this romantic, fluffy Misha is now IC), because it made the lack of Castiel somewhat bearable.
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I tried to make this spoiler-free and as general as possible while talking about it, but I'll put it under a cut if you feel it IS spoilerish.

* I didn't hate it. lol
* I do wish fanfic writers could have written the episode, though, because it was a good episode, well-acted, beautifully shot, with gorgeous lingering scenes, but
* There were moments when I felt like I was being manipulated into siding with Dean.
* Like if I didn't say, "Leave him alone, he shouldn't feel guilty about all this shit" then what I was saying was that I wanted him to die and that he was
* 90% shit. Strawman. That is not my argument.
* He's not irredeemable. He's not a waste. He's a beautiful, flawed, broken man.
* But he's not guiltless. He was guilty, just not of the things he seemed to feel guiltiest about.
* Dean does not get a free pass, though.
* He does look beautiful when he cries, he does look gorgeous all emo.
* The scene where he was psyching himself up to be with Mia was priceless,
* because I love that he's not really macho posturing Dean Winchester any longer.
* I know what you're thinking, that I'm just pissed about the Castiel thing.
* Actually, I think they went for J. because that was culturally acceptable, sensitive in the right way.
* You can show your love and need for a woman, specially once she's dead.
* It also painted Dean as a tragic romantic hero, gives him a cute, blond girl to stroke his cheek, lets him lean into one small long fingered manicured hand again. Which he does so well. Hopeless yearning fits him better than leather.
* Emotional manipulation doesn't bring out my nesting or motherly feelings though. You're barking up the wrong bitch.
* Dean does need to move on, but
* Amy was an episode ago,
* Castiel was two.
* Moving on this quickly would be heartless
* Callous
* Emotionally stunted
* Indifferent
* Cruel
* The bodies are not cold yet so
* Feel the burn when you swallow that whiskey guilt taste, Dean.
* ;D

That's my opinion. Don't know if it's unpopular or not, and I don't want to say it is because whenever other people say "unpopular opinion" I usually think "1. It's not an unpopular opinion, 2. aren't you the special snowflake with special unpopular snowflake opinions."
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Under the weather like nobody's business. Makes sense that now that I have a bit more fandom time on my hands because RL has quieted down a bit, I come down with a case of the emineffin' plague. I have to start exercising again, my constitution is for crap. Anyway, whine over (or let me whine about something else ;D) bullets to the rescue.

* Idk bbs. Is it just me or does this fandom like to see drama in the interwebs as well as on the screen? The restarted Sam girl v.s. Dean girl war thingy is so ridiculous. It's like now that canon's gotten rid of Castiel (got linked to a comment by mod from ontd spn who seemed to be dancing on his fictional grave-- which-- wow, dick move mod, I can't shit-talk j2 or Sera but you can Confetti! It's a parade! over the death of a fictional character a lot of people love?) by way of the most infamous Sam-girl ever, these people can go back to blaming one brother while excusing everything the other does, effectively demonizing one bro while infantilizing the other. And that's what it takes to be a True Fan? Blind love for one character? Count me right out, Stan and Bella. I'm Team Get Some Fucking Perspective. Bias: I'm a Sam- girl. spoily ranty spoiler )

* On other news, Pushkin is surprisingly like, easy to read. Read "Eugene Onegin" and it was a total breeze even though the narrator kept getting into it so much ("omg, Pushkin, fuck off!"). Also, I always said I didn't read Romance Novels until this year and I was sooooooooo wrong. Was rereading "The Witching Hour" by Batshit Rice (I'd read her as young teen) and erm-- that shit is a Romance Novel with witches. Also, I have so little patience with fanfics where they describe the characters in loving detail --I think that's kind of the height of amateurish because I'm a horrible nitpicker who picks...nits-- and apparently I had no trouble with that as a teen. Reading so much Fanfic has really made me think about writing, I guess, from a pseudo-technical pov. I was rolling my eyes so much I had trouble reading. Not that I didn't enjoy it, in a way, but I could see the cracks and the stuff I thought came from being unpublished and using fanfic as practice, which hey! totally valid as a fanfic'er less valid when you're a professional asking for the monies. Anyway, point is? Reading fanfic has made me a thinkier reader, which -- cool. Unexpected upside to seeking entertainment.

* Comic rec: Teahouse. My icon is from there, and isn't he pretty?

* Rec'd with prejudice: Land of the Blind I have cycles where I'm just continually hankering for a good apocafic and then cycles where I run away screaming like the fic is a zombie tryna eat my brainz. Also, I love Candle_Beck and her voice. Her voice was custom-made by Chuck to read SPN fic, for real. It's just so boyish, straight-talk, true grit sounding it drives me to eargasms (not actual orgasms, i'm not THAT creepy). Though sometimes, I admit my wussiness readily, I'm wary of her stuff -- because the writing is so honest that I never feel manipulated into feeling and so --fuck my heart breaking-- it cleaves me in two. Some of her fics I love more than others (I RESENT SOME OF HER FICS LIKE TRAUMAS) because I always enjoy hopeful, more than I love hopeless, and this fic, despite being apocalyptic (notice how I don't say POST-apocalyptic, meaning the apocalypse is not over folks), had a hopeful ending. Because, (shut up, I know it's trite) we all kinda go through an apocalypse of our own worlds. We all die. The story always ends with death, but what happens before that? Can leave you trembling, and hollow, and curled under the bed, or trembling, and full and stretched out on top of that same goddamned bed, hopefully next to someone else.
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the good )

the bad )

& the ugly:
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okay, not so much ugly as strangely compelling and sassy, but you get my drift.


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