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The King Ontd_SPN is dead! Long live The Queen SPN_Party!


this fandom is an embarrassment of riches, and i keep it that way by not reading EVERYTHING a fab author writes at once. greed is not good, not when resources are precious and scarce, and with as much great writing there is in this fandom, it is a finite resource so-- i savor every bit of greatness there is and re-savor it sometimes, in favor of reading something new from an author i love. that's how you don't burn yrself out, ladies and gentlemen.

Second Map of the World by ~Candle_Beck

Redefinition by ~Whereupon

History of Love by ~Glassy Skies

sorry if this post makes no sense or feels abrupt or whatever, but i'm just attempting to jot down random impressions in a semi-coherent stream-of-consciousness manner.

i often think Candle Beck's writing is the handsome young brother of Glassy's gorgeous, graceful writing. like, they both have poetry in their DNA, but Candle is more of a non-annoying, non-pervy (yeah, even with the Wincest) version of Hemingway and Gauguin if he'd been a writer not a painter and Johnny Cash if he'd gotten into prose, and Glassy is much more Fitzgerald and Lorca and Nin and Artemisia and Camille Claudel. Whereupon lies somewhere between those two sensibilities in a way that's all hir own (and i'm not saying that Artemisia is like Claudel and that Cash is like Hemingway, but that-- idek-- *shrugs* that's what comes to me when I read their stories).

anyway, i'd read Candle_Beck's story before, but i decided I wanted to read it again because of what Albert Brooks said in the recent Oscar Round Table about the difference btw great actors and good actors. like, Christopher Plummer talked about the great rage, great temperament as the mark of being a great actor. Albert Brooks and Gary Oldman on the other hand spoke about great actors as being able to live truthfully in fictitious circumstances, but without filling out all the blanks for the audience. Leaving spaces empty for the audience to fill in with themselves. And this is what Candle Beck does and what Whereupon does and what Glassy Skies does. They give generously, but they know the genius of restraint, of not whoring and shoving and spreading so much out that nothing is left for the imagination. In those quiet seemingly blank spaces the reader has room to speak and think and feel and take away.

in Candle's story, we are introduced into the cataclysmic moment when Sam accidentally reveals his romantic love for Dean. this has been done in a million different ways, and yet, you read the story and it feels completely fresh and new because --yeah, while we might suspect that everything will be alright and they'll get together in the end (though you never know with Candle 'cause zie likes to fuck wichu) the story illustrates that moment in between wanting and knowing yr love is reciprocated. and we've all gone through this, the yearning for love, even if it's like totally directionless and you have no actual object of love to pine for. it's the universality in the story that makes it so powerful, not the fact that these are two specific dudes going for the incest because nobody should live alone and die alone and be so bereft. (the canon allows for this because the canon allows for superhuman emotional stregth that does not exist irl.) and yet Candle doesn't neglect the two dudes in order to show this love-yearning, because zie doesn't niss seeing the trees for the forest and vice versa.

in Glassy's story, well. Glassy loves to talk about loss...because when you talk about loss you talk about love at its most intense and brightest. there's no loss without love, not rly. that's why Buddha advices letting go of desire. without desire there's no pain. without desire though, a fierce and all-consuming desire, we have no stories. think about it. remember the last time you read and was interested in a story where the characters didn't want anything, weren't propelled by any driving purpose. yeah. here Castiel is losing his omniscience and what does it mean for a creature like him to no longer remember everything? who are we without our canon of memories? idk. it's fucking scary, is what is is, and heartbreaking.

from ~Whereupon's Redefinition:

Love, as far as he's concerned, has nothing to do with marriages and mortgages and those stupid songs about growing old together. He gets the songs about hanging out with some girl, about thinking she's hot and wanting to sleep with her and then sleeping with her and wishing that could last forever, he really does, but that isn't love, not the way he understands it. Love is staying up all night and pretending not to look at the clock the whole time, waiting for somebody to get home, like keeping vigil ever made a damn bit of difference; love is pulling the trigger again and again until it feels like your arm is going to break, so that when it isn't practice, when it's real, you won't miss. Love is going hungry so that somebody else can eat, and love is telling lies so that somebody else can sleep, and love is wanting a better life for somebody else. Love is the ashes-and-whiskey, gut-punched feeling when they finally get it, and love is not asking them to turn it down, and love is feeling like a fucking asshole for being even just a little happy when they come back.

While definitions are found in dictionaries, this is why i listen to great music and read wonderful poems and novels and fanfics and watch films. for these redefinitions that both narrow down meanings to specific fictitious lives and circumstances and deepen and widen meanings, revealing them in the most personal/universal of ways so that they apply to us/everyone.

these fics are rated: all the star-eyes. *_*
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Opinion ~Unpopular or Not: We lost to Brit/Santana (who are adoracute, by the way) and I was sad about it tbh. I love the few Glee fics Ive read, but -frankly-- I'm a lot more about the SPN than I am about the Glee. Yet, thinking a bit more about the whole situation, we deserved to lose. It's ugly as hell to see mostly heterosexual people fighting it out so that the gay fictional people they fap to can win an online poll. Rly, people, I'm all for confrontation and stating opinions in a straight-forward balls to the wall manner, but when it pertains gay visibility in the mainstream media, why not be a little more respectful? people should just mind manners and wipe their fucking feet. this is not really their house, they're just playing in it.


And they Cry to See Your Face by ~Honeylocusttree
awesome fic is awesome. lot of commenters focused on how bamf the Winchesters are here, but I just felt the bitterness of their portion in life. even while they were risking their lives, shortening their years from the stress alone, they're still feared/hated/misunderstood. I particularly adored the outside pov on Standford!Sam, who died pinned to that apartment ceiling as surely as Jess.

It's tricky to rec something like this because the alternate episodes are written by different authors, so-- but overall, I think they are doing pretty well...something I do miss from canon is the lighthearted moments between the dramatic ones. in this re-imagining the poetry overwhelms the usual fucked up Winchester penchant for deflection by way of humor/pop culture references/exuberant vulgarity.

Three foggy mornings and one rainy day (will rot the best birch fence a man can build) by ~Britomart_is
people rly rec me the good shit.

God, Mary thought she knew all the ways in which she'd been catastrophically wrong, but there's one more for the list — she thought that Dean was too young to grieve his brother. Thought he was too young to understand. He would have been the best big brother. She wishes more than anything that she could have seen it. Instead she gets this poisoned, perilous thing, watching Dean's fierce instincts attach to the saddest, smallest creature within reach.


read "Apt Pupil" by King and it fucked me up, ngl. the dude still slays. i love stories about corruption (in fandom the corruption often goes on backwards; Jensen is a cynical bastard and he's "corrupted" by Jared's love for life) but here...tricky-tricky. can you corrupt the willing? idk.

Hey gurl

Feb. 5th, 2012 03:37 pm
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Unorthodox Methods by Captanddeastar
Fandoms: White Collar, Supernatural
Pairings: Neal/Peter, background Peter/Elizabeth, Sam/Jess
Rating: PG-13
W/C: ~3,000
Summary: AU from original premise of SPN – Sam goes to law school and eventually joins the FBI, where he gets assigned as Peter’s probie, and the New York FBI office staff are amused, and eventually, slightly traumatized.

Peter pov fic, where Peter is jealous of probie!Sam&Neal, when he really really doesn't have to be. In this fic, El is as fabulous as always and Peter is hilariously insecure. Sam? Sam is a Neal fanboy. A gloriously poignant/funny fic where the Peter/Neal is lovely and Sam&Dean love is epic and beautiful.

rating: hilariful.

When Fics Take on a Life of Their Own by storiesfortravellers
Rating: Mature
Fandoms: Critical Theory RPF
Feminist Ryan Gosling
Relationship: Michael Fassbender/James McAvoy
Characters: Feminist Ryan Gosling - Character
Michael Fassbender
James McAvoy
Original Female Character
Fanfic Writer

Wow. This was the perfect fic for me rn because I'm feeling conflicted as all hell about Fassbender and Fassy. This is a tumblr post from 2 weeks ago.


I’m having a hard, hard, hard time getting a handle on the whole Fassbender thing. On the one hand he seems like an awesome guy. On the other hand, Ike Turner and Chris Brown.

On the one hand, To Kill a Mockingbird. On the other hand, the world is full of instances where women are disbelieved when they accuse a man of— anything, pretty much.

On the one hand, it’s horrible to judge/think/accuse somebody of a crime they did not commit, and that makes them a victim. On the other hand, if we don’t believe her then we’re calling her a liar, without knowing her, and how impartial is that? And a liar about being the victim of domestic abuse…fucked up, ngl.

On the one hand, he’s a white man. On the other, she’s a WoC. (If you think this shouldn’t matter, I’m side-eyeing you soooooo hard.)

On the one hand, she accused him. On the other hand, she recanted.

On the one hand, she recanted. On the other hand, women recant ALL THE FUCKING TIME with bruises in their faces, loose teeth and cracked ribs.

On the one hand, she’s made these accusations before with other exes. On the other hand, people who have been abused tend to be abused more than people who have never been abused.

On the one hand, she was nowhere near him when she accused him. On the other, what better time to be proactive/brave/get her power back than when he’s really far away and can’t hurt her.

On the one hand, I really loved him before this. On the other hand, I don’t know if I can look at him the same way again.

The fic didn't magically solve everything for me, but I don't think it's supposed to. This fic encapsulates everything I love about fanfiction, blurring lines btw media and reality, examining motivations, using tropes and kinks, analyzing what is desired while desiring.

rating: meta-awesome.

a moment of silence for [profile] squishyball's deletion. she was an amazing awesome fun girl and i'm gonna miss her horribly. :((((((((((((((((
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* Gonna take some online classes, because apparently taking semesters off does something to me and I must study my whole fucking life. C'est la vie, or whatever.

* I was thinking of doing a "Filo Fashion Week." Would anybody be willing to do that with me? Like, not get dressed or anything, but take photographs or their outfits for a week (on the hanger) and then post them? I'm always so curious to see what other people put on. Yes, I wonder about what my F-list wears. Don't judge.

* Read"The Threesome Handbook" by Victoria Vantoch and --wow-- I think I stan her a bit now (and not just because she has a section on finding yr inner queer). I'm as uninterested in 3-somes as I was before I read the book, because my brain doesn't work that way and my jealousy is epic and devastating, but I respect her pov, her sexual assertiveness and her motivations for wanting to live a threesomey life (I don't like that she used negging as a seduction technique; I was ecstatic over her emphasis on not being a pressuring coercive creepster). It also randomly made me think about how even the words for vagina can be such contentious thing, 'cause she kept using the word "pussy" and got to the point where I got kind of uncomfortable about it. Idk, because I've used the word and read it and usually I feel really friendly about it, but-- maybe it was the frequency of the use to the exclusion of all other words? (Hershey-highway for ass was not much better, tbh) I know other people are skeeved by the word "cunt" or even "vagina," but-- no clue, really. I just felt uncomfortable and don't even about it.

* read the Suiteverse and I wanted to talk to somebody about it, because it's such an odd duck. so my reactions to it are conflicted. i will try to give voice to them with the aid of emoticons.

\o/ well-written & compellingly readable
/o\ while reading it I don't think about whether the characters are OOC or IC because I'm pretty much ooooooohing and aaahhhhhhhhhing my whole way through, but after I think, wow, these dudes are not the canon dudes
\o/ atmospheric as all fuck
/o\ Sam is a BAMF, but his focus while he's in the suite is so narrow that he feels more pedantic and petty than impressive and intimidating. He does terrible shit and yet a lot of the time I tend to think, "Wow, Sam you're so annoying."
\o/ inventive and interesting in its use of superpowers and satanic magic
/o\ the plot is too cyclical/recycled. Dean won't give in, or not give in perfectly enough for the strident specifications of a very strict, demanding Sam and then Sam does some horrible shit, Dean suffers, lather, rinse, repeat.
\o/ horrifyingly descriptive
caveat: I'm rly more of a drama reader than a darkfic reader, and will ask more from darkfic than I will from crack or any other genre.

rating: idek. read if you want, and judge for yourself.
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* “the reichenbach fall” was beautiful. Ngl, as an SPN fandomer I was totally envious of the You-Know-What scenes, they were poignant and heartfelt and at no moment did I sense I was being manipulated. I felt like sending these episodes to Gamble and Co. and saying, “See here? This is how you send people off.”

* I exist in a continuous state of appreciation life Jared Padalecki and I respect his work as an actor, which I think has improved through the years, but the dude talks shit...or he sounds like an ignoramoose when he tries to excuse SPN's writers for their logic-defying fuckery. First of all, Castiel didn't hate Sam or dislike him or whatever the fuck he said about Castiel, and Sam does not hate or dislike him back. Just because an interviewer says, “X doesn't like Sam,” you don't have to say, “Well, Sam doesn't like X either.” Seriously. Also dude! Castiel as a god was not going to prevent SPN from having awesome plots and awesome episodes, mainly for Iron Man, Superman, Captain America, Hulk, Superhero reasons. Because you can have a super powerful being exist and still have conflict and danger. Really. What you can't do is make it abundantly clear that the boys will survive a nuke if they just get inside a fridge and that every single guest star is cannon fodder, a redshirt on Star Trek, a gay character in a drama, a child's pet goldfish, a poc in a scary movie, don't get attached guys, thisshowisabouttwobrothersandfuckcharacterarcsandjourneysandtherulesofscreenwritingorwritingingeneralforreasonshavingtodowithreasons.

* Did I enjoy Time After Time? yes I did. But like everything in SPN these days, I have my reservations. I LOVVVVVVVVVEEEEEE Veronica Mars season 1&2, because it is made out of amazeballs and awesomesauce with a cheery of epic on top, and a good part of that epic and amazeballs was the Veronica/Logan chemistry, which was Jared&Jensen proportions of wonderfulness. and so I expected a lot more Dohring than I got. Yay! Dean being a fanboy in a fedora, but woe! Dohring is sarcastic, bitter, and wittily hilarious given the right dialogue and what do we get instead? A bland, sappy semi-powerful god who told the bros that their title sequence was a representation of their future. Which, yeah. OTOH, yes, fanboy Dean in a fedora. :D Hawt like fiah.

*Megaupload just got busted, guys. Get ready because the zombies are coming.

Winter Reading Part Deux
(most of these fics were found through pianoforeplay and unfitforsociety, so thanks, dolls.)
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Winter Reading List Part I

recs recs and more recs ahoy! )
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Let's Pretend the War is Over [Harry/Draco] written by [personal profile] pir8fancier & read by [personal profile] raitala
Author's Dedication: To Draco Malfoy, who, despite being batshit insane, noticed that I needed to say good-bye to my father.

Jensen Inside [Jared/Jensen, R, ALL THE PRETTY WORDS] by [profile] glassyskies
Summary: Having it Out with Melancholy

♥ i guess it's kind of funny/odd/o.O that i'd read and love these fics considering that one of my fandom nonos are fics where the characters psychoanalyze each other or talk to each other with mainstream psychology 101 terms. a lot of it has to do with the fact that i don't think dementia can be cured by following a set of predetermined steps, because a process depends on more than following instructions. i also don't like to feel like the diagnosis determines the characters more than the personality of the character determines the character. with a lot of fics that deal with mental illness it often feels like the titillation of dealing with the illness takes precedent over the search for understanding the people who suffer from it-- and idek. i just don't like that. this was not the case with these fics, though, and that's why i love them. they make me wanna read Virginia Woolf's 'Mrs. Dalloway' and her posthumously published letters, which i think is a good sign. o.O

♥ i decided to try the "Let's Pretend The War is Over" audiofic because i'd listened to raitala before and she has a simple voice that is inconspicuous enough not to get in the way of whatever story she's telling. i'd rather listen to an understated reading than overacting, which takes me out of the story faster than you can say William Shatner (i love you, Will!).

♥ it was cool to hear this fic first and then read "Jensen Inside" because --wow-- Draco and Jensen could not be different-er ;D. sure they both suffer from dementia, but one mental state is not like another, and people ain't either. yet there was a certain gorgeous frailty to both of them that spoke to me. it felt like sharing that fic-world was like being dropped inside a snow globe, except that the crystal was so delicate that one brush of the fingertips against the surface of the glass would be enough to crack it.

♥ in "Let's Pretend" Draco has these rules he has to follow in order to stay right on the edge of his (in)sanity and not fall over into the abyss. the issue here is that since he can't really trust himself (his moments of lucidity allow him to realize that he's not all there, there) many of his hallucinations are --in fact-- not hallucinations at all. in Draco's case, he has lost his family, friends, his social standing. the world has forsaken him, become the enemy, and so gradually the loss becomes a palpable thing for him. the world a monster called "The Outside" ready to contaminate him with its nothingness.

♥ in Jensen's case, the dementia comes because of-- nothing at all, apparently. it's like Joker's line in "The Dark Knight" Madness, as you know, is a lot like gravity, all it takes is a little push. Jensen's madness is like this latent seed that pulses inside and is at any moment ready to grow out like creeping ivy. there are rules here also, i guess, but they are much less concrete, much more complex and intricate. Draco is much more adversarial than Jensen is, and so he creates these insanity gods which he simultaneously obeys and plots against. with Jensen it's an insidious silent painful thing that can't be pointed to, obliterated, personified in any way. like the Tao of insanity or something.

“Once upon a time, I, Chuang Chou, dreamt I was a butterfly cockroach, fluttering creeping hither and thither, to all intents and purposes a butterfly insect. I was conscious only of my happiness melancholia as a butterfly cockroach, unaware that I was Chou. Soon I awakened, and there I was, veritably myself again. Now I do not know whether I was then a man dreaming I was a butterfly cockroach, or whether I am now a butterfly cockroach, dreaming I am a man. Between a man and a butterfly cockroach there is necessarily a distinction. The transition is called the transformation of material things.”
― Zhuangzi (Kafkad by me xP)

♥ in both fics there was a learning curve that their partners had to go through in order to -- dare I say-- help? with Jared it was anger and denial at first. incomprehension and guilt. with Harry it was his natural impetuousness, his blundering desire to fix and save. they learned a lot, though, from the love, from the pain and the heartache. there's a Francesca Lia Block passage that talks about how pain can make you see more or it can blind you, depends on what you do with it. both of these fics show that even when it tries to blind you, there's always second sight.

yeah, okay, so i like hope. suck it. ;D

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so this round could pretty much be called "Second Chances" because that seems to be the main theme of fics, or maybe i'm just noticing that more because that's the theme of the Holidays for me. second and third and eighth fucking chances if that's what you need to look at yr life and look at yr choices (DON'T TELL ME THE SASSY GAY FRIEND DIDN'T REMIND YOU OF THE GHOST OF X-MAS PRESENT!) and start making something out of yrself before yr dead and buried and all the chances came and went, like inconstant lovers or some shit like that.

i'm using [livejournal.com profile] faithwood's lovely little table for ALL THE RECS, because of reasons (convenient ones). thanx, ~faith.

Humbug [Harry/Draco, NC-17, 30K] by anon @ [livejournal.com profile] hd_holidays
Summary:Draco has been taking his casual relationship with Harry for granted. Visits from four key ghosts the night before Christmas just might shake up his priorities in life.

this is the kind of fic that you never knew you wanted, but as you're reading it you ask yourself "HOW DID I LIVE IN FANDOM WITHOUT EVER READING A FIC LIKE THIS?" "A Christmas Carol" reinvented, with an awesome/douchey Brian Kinney-like!Draco finding out that having a lovely, beautiful person in his life who adores him is more important than having all the Galleons in the world. specially when he already has all the Galleons in the world, and what he's lacking's a consistent amount of awesome nekkid lovely boy. also? Snape is the best Sassy Het Friend ever. even if he really has to look at himself and his hair choices.

Defused [Dean/Castiel, PG-13, 3K] by [livejournal.com profile] angel_kink
Summary:Dean is determined to defuse Castiel while simultaneously dealing with the repercussions of Sam’s wall breaking.

overall, really enjoyable. the writing style wasn't always my cuppa because 1) i'm a picky mcpicker 2) i never go for: They were tears of fear, sadness, and pain all at the same time. i don't want to be told that the tears are of fear, sadness and pain. i want to decide those things for myself, i want to feel that they are of fear, sadness, whatever, without being told they are. however, this is fic was a detailed, awesome blueprint of exactly what i wished had happened in canon, specially on the Castiel front. so! all in all, i pronounce it cool.

The Jared Padalecki Untitled Project [JP/JA, NC-17, Long-fic] by [livejournal.com profile] sometimesophie
Summary: After Supernatural, Jensen and Jared aren't talking. But a film's a film and Jensen could really use the money.

* in the immortal words of my little niece while we were watching Sense and Sensibility last night, "OMG WHY DON'T THEY JUST TALK?"
* i was gonna compare this fic to Pride and Prejudice, but then I realized it was more like "Persuasion"-- JA's last novel.
* don't believe me? believe wiki: More than seven years prior to the events in the novel, Anne Elliot falls in love with a handsome young naval officer named Frederick Wentworth, who is intelligent and ambitious, but poor. Sir Walter, Anne's father and lord of the family estate of Kellynch, and her older sister Elizabeth are dissatisfied with her choice, maintaining that he is not distinguished enough for their family. Her older friend and mentor, Lady Russell, acting in place of Anne's deceased mother, persuades her to break off the match.

Now, aged 27 and still unmarried, Anne re-encounters her former fiancé when his sister and brother-in-law, the Crofts, take out a lease on Kellynch. Wentworth, now a captain, is wealthy from wartime victories in the Royal Navy and from prize-money for capturing enemy ships. However, he has not forgiven Anne for her rejection of him.

The self-interested machinations of Anne's father, her older sister Elizabeth, Elizabeth's friend Mrs. Clay, and William Elliot (Anne's cousin and her father's heir) constitute important subplots.

* told ya.
* also, in Austenian fashion, money is an issue. because, well, money IS an issue.
* i love second chances, and i love this fic, for all it is and all it chooses to be.
* i do think that we could have seen a bit more of why J was so willing to give J a chance, because, dear Lord-- on reread it's hard to figure out J's motivation *vague vague vague 'cause spoilers* outside of wanting to apply for sainthood.

Cause You've got an Awefully Long Way to Go [Puck/Kurt, PG-13, 10K] by [livejournal.com profile] paperclipbitch
Summary:“Let me get this straight,” Kurt begins, resisting the urge to laugh, “you knocked up Finn’s girlfriend and you want to apologise to him by trying to make him gay?”

this fic is funny and sexy and adorable, and i love love love it when douchey teenage boys turn a new leaf. because that's what being a teenager is all about, first being a douche and then turning into a human being once you learn to see other people as human beings, too. :D
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Blind/Dates by ~Captanddeastar
* Charming, Adorable, Flawless, Lovely Etc.
* Rom-comy without being annoying about it.
* Peter is Captain Oblivious, and yes, I've met people like that who are brilliant but wouldn't know you were flirting with them if you hit them on the nose with your undies.
* Neal is the Ambassador of Sexy and Elizabeth is as epic as always.
* OT3 forever, bb.

A Lot of Walking by ~Ewinfic
* So I read the A/N about the Big Gay Freakout and thought it was gonna be a combo of funny and heartbreaking-- well, it was crack on top of crack on top of more crack.
* John was awesome as Gay (But really Heterosexual) Zen Master.
* Their "Sexy" conversation is too graphic to be passionate, imo, so again? Crack.

You have one saved Message by ~Killabeez
* Well-written, but just a smidgen too sappy for me. I need more restraint in my fics, or something. IDEK.


Lady and the Tramp by Joanna Johnen
Flaws upon your sleeve by ~Glassy Skies
Fucking Sebastian Roché. All his fault. Go to drama school, grow your talent, London will be good for you, blah blah blah.  )
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"Turkey Shoot" by Pink Kafka

friction match
"It's the end of the world. You can be anyone you choose to be." Daryl Dixon, at the end of the world.
Daryl, Glenn, Rick, Andrea, ensemble. Gen, with canon pairings. Daryl & Glenn friendship.
~24,800 (complete)

* I love apocafics because I like when people get stretched to their very limits. most love stories (i'm not saying love is this way --cause I don't like to make generalizations because in yr life love might be unicorns, but fiction, ya know?) are apocafics in a way, anyway, so.
* last time I read a story from a hick pov, I was reading Twain. this is part of what I love about fanfiction, that its gaze based on girl gaze, based on queer or bi girl gaze, based on straight girl who is interested in queering gaze. that gaze finds beauty and finds understanding in even the types of dudes who are usually nothing but the butts of "Deliverance" jokes.
* i read it as UST between Glenn and Daryl, and then I read it as Gen and it works either way because the author finds/shows the passion of family and friendship.
* i'm rly interested in family (duh) and I tend to MOST enjoy fandoms where family features heavily, like SPN, HP and TWD. i was thinking about how Daryl is like Draco, who has to grow up and reject his family in order to find his family.

Rating: (x(x_(X_x(o_O)x_x)_X)x)
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the family business
“I don’t want to pay you for sex,” she said, in a tone of voice that implied that Dean was clearly the dumbest kid in the class. “I don’t want a one-night stand,” she told him condescendingly, “I want a sperm donor. Moron.”
sam/dean (supernatural)
15,000 words

"Sleep Well America" by Petite Madame

* omg, when i thought about reading this fic again i didn't remember HOW FUCKING FUNNY THIS FIC WAS!
“I’ll give you five hundred bucks.”

The parking lot was absolutely silent. Finally, two sounds interrupted the quiet – Dean shouting, “Lady, are you crazy?!” and Sam cracking up with huge guffaws.

Dean was completely shocked and appalled – at least partly because he’d actually considered it for a minute. Hey, the girl was hot, and he probably would have done her anyway. But then again, she might be evil, and also, hello, not a whore.

“Hello, not a whore,” he told the crazy lady.

She rolled her eyes again. “I don’t want to pay you for sex,” she said, in a tone of voice that implied that Dean was clearly the dumbest kid in the class. “I don’t want a one-night stand,” she told him condescendingly, “I want a sperm donor. Moron.”

Sam cracked up again while Dean just stood there and tried to process.

Not-Desdemona watched him try to cope.

“Well,” she said at last, “Thank God I’m not depending on your genes for the brains, that’s all I’ll say.”

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The Enterprise's first mission under the (official) captaincy of James T. Kirk.

"Vulcan Massages" by Glockart

* This fanart actually crackily encompasses what this fic is all about. Pining!Kirk and the evolution of his relationship with Spock, shaped by the residue left by that infamous mind-meld.
* I've never watched TOS so I don't know if it's true, but I read a few comments and apparently the author rewrote TOS episodes with the Reboot cast. If that's a draw for anyone then, cool.
* This was Gen Slash, meaning that the plot was as important as the "porn." Which, yeah, I totally enjoyed.
* The prose wasn't remarkably beautiful, but I liked it. It flowed, didn't feel clunky or like it got in the way of the story and the characterizations were IC and well-rounded.
* I loved how the author began a fic where Spock and Kirk were not even friends and then successfully showed the slow and convincing progress of their passionate relationship, all the while making them go in fun but increasingly dangerous adventures.
* Pon Farr, bitches, Pon Farr.

Rating: >:-I >:-I >:-I >:-I ha!
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easy on the clutch
in which sam turns sixteen in panabaker, new hampshire, and dean teaches him to drive.
sam/dean (supernatural)
31,000 words
I loved this story and could not give less of a shit that there's no clutch in the Impala, because as the author says, this story is not really about driving. I'd read the fic a while ago, but I must say I loved it more than the first time. Back in the day, when I first read it I totally expected fics to be like this-- well-written, with fleshed out characters, and plots that jived with the way I look at canon. And yeah, fics that said something about life in a way. Now, I can appreciate this much more, having read many fics where nope, nothing like that seems to happen and the writer uses their fic to push a particular agenda, rather than trying to discover/reflect something. This story could have gone on forever and I wouldn't have minded. I just wanted to live in that sad, poignant little world where the boys stuck out like sore thumbs, Sam was becoming a man and Dean was thought of as the creepy older brother rather than as the bad-boy cool one.

Gushing in bulletsies:

* I really like when Dean and Sam know each other (duh) and yet, are still a mystery to each other as well. Irreplaceable Intimacy + Insurmountable Differences = Delish Conflict. It's the kind of conflict we see on the show, where Sam goes to Standford and becomes a stranger, and then Sam drinks blood and becomes a stranger, and then Robo!Sam and he becomes a stranger and here he is in a Pre-Standford fic, the first of such metamorphosis becoming a stranger to Dean who no longer knows how to be his big brother/father/mother. I was reading "Practical Magic" (totally different from the movie, by the way) at the same time, and it reminded me of how Sally felt about her teenage daughter Kylie.

Sam is harder, though. He's always changing—body shifting right in front of Dean's eyes, muscles rippling up out of nowhere, veins in his forearms surfacing overnight. The baby fat's already hollowing out from his cheeks and the bones in his face are sharp and angular now, so his smile almost looks too big.

Read more... )
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* so apparently when i say "i'm gonna do the blogowrimo" i mean i will watch "Arrested Development: and "Parks and Recreation" ignore the hell out of LJ, read books, and lurk like a hor on tumblr.

* i've been using a DW to private post my favorite fics because SPN has made me afraid as fuck of losing all the fics i hold close to my heart because some brilliantly talented author no longer feels any joy in this fandom and doesn't want (totally justifiable, because it's every author's right) to post their fics online. what do you guys do to save your favorite fics?

*pls to not be talking to me about the latest episode, because i haven't watched it-- I'm scared to. I feel so hopeless ever since Castiel went the way of Virginia Wolf and I haven't been able to feel the same joy and excitement I used to feel when I watched the show, and I'm just really apprehensive. though I'm actually kind of weird since sometimes tragedy makes me go in the other direction-- like "Glory" with Den Washington: that kind of tragedy lifts me up into the stratosphere. I'm not sure though, that SPN can deliver that amount of beautiful catharsis.

* want a card or a card and a book? made by little old me? go here! xP some awesomesauce bitches have already signed up. don't miss out on my cracktastic fanart cards and flawless taste in gay books! ;DDDDD

FanReading List for the Holidays.
i encourage y'all to do this, create your own reading lists of fics and comment, because comments are ♥ and authors everyone can use a little ♥ during the Holidays.
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Dean got a look in his eye like a deer stuck in the Impala's headlights, like Sam had seen that one time when they were driving down some back road late at night and a doe and her fawn had crossed the road in front of them. Sam never forgot how they stood frozen in place, and he'd never forgiven his father for hitting the fawn, although logically he knew it wasn't John's fault.

The little body had gone flying through the air and the doe had skittered off into the woods while her baby thumped onto the shoulder of the road and lay still and broken, its eyes blank in the moonlight.

The whole gruesome tableau had stayed with Sam for years, stuck in his memories, showing up in his nightmares whenever he was particularly angry at his father.

And that expression of frozen terror was what he saw on his brother's face whenever Sam got too close. Sam started deliberately brushing his arm across Dean's when he reached past him for the ketchup while they ate, or bumping his shoulder into Dean's when they tramped side by side through the woods, following along behind their father while he taught them the art of tracking..

Blues in the bod by extemporally

"How are the exchange students this term?" Andrew asked. He'd really wanted to go to the dinner they'd held to welcome the students from Columbia, except he'd bought tickets for the screening of The Man Who Fell To Earth at Modern Art Oxford and it'd so happened that the dinner and the film had been on the same day.

Ellen shrugged. Ellen was Canadian, but she wasn't an exchange student. She was an international student who decided she'd rather spend four years focusing on what she really loved (Biology; she wanted to live in an ecological commune someday) than "flailing around at a liberal arts school", and now she was in the third year of her degree. Last year she had been the college's LGBTQ representative and this year she was returning to the committee as the international students' rep. Andrew loved her. "Not bad," she said. "I sat next to this guy with dark curly hair who wouldn't say much. He had the bluest eyes, though."

"Sounds exactly like my type," Andrew told her, pretending to swoon. "Did you get a name?"

"I did, actually," Ellen said. "Jesse Eisenberg."

“Deception, deceit. The Shining One is a predator. Save the little ones: they have not yet had the chance to grow. Save the little ones.”

I frown. “We need to find this so-called Shining One.”

Spock nods and whispers against the bark, asking directions. I watch his lips and feel a familiar flip of yearning low in my stomach. I don't need this crap. It's probably just too much fresh air. I approach the tree myself and trace my hand over its gnarled flesh. “We've already beamed back some seedlings and we'll try to take as many as we can. Your children will not be lost.”

Spock's face seems slightly less serious, which means I've managed to shock the hell out of him. “It has understood you.”

I smile softly, patting the trunk. “I like this tree.”

Something terrifying flashes in Spock's eyes for a millisecond and I let my hand fall back down to my side. I couldn't have seen that. Jealousy? Over a tree?

“The Shining One is located three kilometers north in a large valley,” Spock says, his voice as cold as ever.

I must be going crazy.

Brendon still hadn’t gotten used to how quiet it was as an only child, even though he probably made enough noise to compensate for at least one or two siblings. He hummed obnoxiously as he headed for the kitchen without changing out of pajamas, figuring that if he managed to spill anything on himself, at least he wouldn’t be in his church clothes yet.

It was when he passed the window at the landing of the stairs that he realized something was off.

The sun was way too high for it to still be morning, which meant they should have been at church hours before. Brendon’s family never missed church. Tentatively, he called, “Mom? Dad?” as he jogged the rest of the way down the stairs.

There was no reply, and when Brendon got into the kitchen, it was empty.

“Huh,” he said, leaning against the doorframe to take stock of the situation. For a wild moment he wondered if they’d actually left without him—if the conversation from the previous night had actually stuck with them. It seemed unlikely, considering that his father had been pretty adamant when telling Brendon that it was church, or hell. Brendon was still proud that he’d refrained from answering that.

A hand catches Dean as he steps away, wraps all the way around his wrist, makes him look small, which Dean fucking well is not. "Dean. Thank you."


The hunter makes that almost-smile of his, like he's forgotten how to do it and he's just imitating everyone else. "Call me Sam, okay?"

"Yeah," Dean says, clutching the med kit tightly. "Okay. Uh, Sam."

"G'night, Dean." And then and then oh God, the almost-smile is more smile-like, and there are white teeth and oh shit dimples.

And then Dean's shutting the door behind him and he's got a hard-on for the eighth time today and he's sharing a shitty motel room with his dad and his twelve-year-old little brother, and he heads for the shower so he can jerk off over a really hot, definitely alcoholic, probably crazy and borderline suicidal hunter.

And this is why Sam Moore is ruining Dean Winchester's life.


P r o f i l e R e c s

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Under the weather like nobody's business. Makes sense that now that I have a bit more fandom time on my hands because RL has quieted down a bit, I come down with a case of the emineffin' plague. I have to start exercising again, my constitution is for crap. Anyway, whine over (or let me whine about something else ;D) bullets to the rescue.

* Idk bbs. Is it just me or does this fandom like to see drama in the interwebs as well as on the screen? The restarted Sam girl v.s. Dean girl war thingy is so ridiculous. It's like now that canon's gotten rid of Castiel (got linked to a comment by mod from ontd spn who seemed to be dancing on his fictional grave-- which-- wow, dick move mod, I can't shit-talk j2 or Sera but you can Confetti! It's a parade! over the death of a fictional character a lot of people love?) by way of the most infamous Sam-girl ever, these people can go back to blaming one brother while excusing everything the other does, effectively demonizing one bro while infantilizing the other. And that's what it takes to be a True Fan? Blind love for one character? Count me right out, Stan and Bella. I'm Team Get Some Fucking Perspective. Bias: I'm a Sam- girl. spoily ranty spoiler )

* On other news, Pushkin is surprisingly like, easy to read. Read "Eugene Onegin" and it was a total breeze even though the narrator kept getting into it so much ("omg, Pushkin, fuck off!"). Also, I always said I didn't read Romance Novels until this year and I was sooooooooo wrong. Was rereading "The Witching Hour" by Batshit Rice (I'd read her as young teen) and erm-- that shit is a Romance Novel with witches. Also, I have so little patience with fanfics where they describe the characters in loving detail --I think that's kind of the height of amateurish because I'm a horrible nitpicker who picks...nits-- and apparently I had no trouble with that as a teen. Reading so much Fanfic has really made me think about writing, I guess, from a pseudo-technical pov. I was rolling my eyes so much I had trouble reading. Not that I didn't enjoy it, in a way, but I could see the cracks and the stuff I thought came from being unpublished and using fanfic as practice, which hey! totally valid as a fanfic'er less valid when you're a professional asking for the monies. Anyway, point is? Reading fanfic has made me a thinkier reader, which -- cool. Unexpected upside to seeking entertainment.

* Comic rec: Teahouse. My icon is from there, and isn't he pretty?

* Rec'd with prejudice: Land of the Blind I have cycles where I'm just continually hankering for a good apocafic and then cycles where I run away screaming like the fic is a zombie tryna eat my brainz. Also, I love Candle_Beck and her voice. Her voice was custom-made by Chuck to read SPN fic, for real. It's just so boyish, straight-talk, true grit sounding it drives me to eargasms (not actual orgasms, i'm not THAT creepy). Though sometimes, I admit my wussiness readily, I'm wary of her stuff -- because the writing is so honest that I never feel manipulated into feeling and so --fuck my heart breaking-- it cleaves me in two. Some of her fics I love more than others (I RESENT SOME OF HER FICS LIKE TRAUMAS) because I always enjoy hopeful, more than I love hopeless, and this fic, despite being apocalyptic (notice how I don't say POST-apocalyptic, meaning the apocalypse is not over folks), had a hopeful ending. Because, (shut up, I know it's trite) we all kinda go through an apocalypse of our own worlds. We all die. The story always ends with death, but what happens before that? Can leave you trembling, and hollow, and curled under the bed, or trembling, and full and stretched out on top of that same goddamned bed, hopefully next to someone else.
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I kiss you because... by glassyskies

There are so many minutes but this is the one. (They’re all the one lately.) Jensen leans forward and breathes in and out carefully. The ice is everywhere. Blackly dangerous.

This is the exact minute I decided I’m in love with you. I’ll never love anybody else but you.

Jensen checks his wrists for a watch, but there isn’t one, not one that works. Only the accessories he needs to make him show up as believable onscreen.

He has been a dozen, more, other people without ever having been himself except now, this minute, this exact freezing day.

And he thinks, I’m useful, if you keep me. I fix your socks and find your left shoe when you lose it. Kissing you is never exactly perfect, which is why I love you the most.

trust graded on a curve by blackeyedgirl

Harvey had missed the beginning, the first time he heard this. This time, Mike says, “And I told you that I work with Harvey. And he didn’t… you’re not going to find anything. Even if you do convince Jessica to fire me. You won’t get anything on him.” He still looks scared but he holds his ground on this. Like here, finally, is where he’s taking a stand. On whether or not Louis can get Harvey fired.

On the plus point, Harvey now knows who he needs to kill. Clarity of purpose is important. He makes his entrance. “Louis. I believe we’ve spoken about this before.” He puts his arm around Mike’s shoulders, wondering at the sudden shiver.

Eventually, the meditation will not be enough. Going in and coming out is getting harder by the second, and the practice has long since ceased to be soothing or restful. His quarters are hot, heavy with incense smoke, but he shivers anyway, his body mocking him. Strength, discipline, his very being, all betrayed by the roiling burn building in the base of his spine, the pit of his belly. His mind is stretching, reaching out for a mind that isn't there, destroyed along with so many others.

He will lie here, barely breathing, as the blood fever soaks into his brain, robbing him of what little control he has left. He will cease to see, cease to understand, and will crave flesh...to tear, to possess, to claim. As every cell of his body screams at him, his mind will stretch until it snaps, seeking safe harbor in a bond that will never come.

“You can’t stop me,” Erik tells him. His lips tasted like the sunset his face was bathed in, his hands were cold. Another hour in another ugly hotel room, and no one talks about the fact home is a state of mind neither of them ever achieved.

“I can’t let you win, either,” Charles responds. The sheets are worn, his head is a pounding mess. There’s a neon light opposite making a handful of lying promises, a letter fizzing and sputtering.

Erik’s lips twitch. It’s not a smile but it feels like a crack in armour, a bead of light. He’s a lot more than he can ever let himself be, an eternal argument and perhaps it’s for the best.

“We’re at an impasse, then,” he says. He sounds almost relieved.

Nyota looks up from her datapad with a frown; two chairs to her left, Dr. McCoy straightens with an alarmed look that Spock interprets as belated dread. Setting down the requisition logs, Spock folds his hands and waits for the Captain to continue; there is nothing, he thinks, illogical about curiosity in how Captain Kirk will approach the problem Spock had recognized within two weeks of their departure from Earth.

"Captain?" Lieutenant Sulu says warily.

"Just--" Captain Kirk puts his datapad down and stands up. "I'm going back to bed. If the Romulans attack, call me to kill them. You know, when there's something to do."


*updated profile recs with spn, social network rps, strek, and bandom.
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the good )

the bad )

& the ugly:
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okay, not so much ugly as strangely compelling and sassy, but you get my drift.
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this weekend i finally read Like Luggage of Some Departed Traveller by the inimitable [livejournal.com profile] britomart_is. she has some fics that are so amazingsauce (seriously, click those links, you won't be sorry) and epic and everything i look for in writing, and i never feel like i'm compromising in order to read about "the boys" and Aspergery boy angel (i really hate compromising). it was funny, because i'd just finished reading "The Forest of Hands and Teeth," a story about the "Unconsecrated" and here i was starting a fic about "Croats." if the Zombie apocalypse ever comes, i'll be super prepared. i really enjoyed the fic, but i kinda wished we'd have a bit more croat intervention. you know what i mean? i understand that the most important aspect of the fic was the relationship between the characters (dear god, she writes a great Jess, her Dean is completely irresistible and Sam is gorgeous, inside out, even when you want to slap him with a brick) but i kinda missed the threat of Croat every once in a while; that delicious doomy feeling on the pit of my stomach which comes like a bad augur while i read zombie books or watch zombie movies simply wasn't there. she did deal with the OT3 flawlessly, and i --as y'all can see-- am rly rly picky. usually, my experience with OT3 fics is that someone gets just a little bit left out, everybody is so sophisticated and cool about everything that there's no conflict and the sex is so graphic it's soulless. not here. Brit is smarty pants enough to share the spotlight, to write these relationships in such an incredibly charming way, so enjoyable that they all feel vital, all feel necessary, and the sex is scorching and graphic, but never soulless. just hawt like fire. plus, jealousy plays a part in it, which is awesome. i hatehatehate perfect lovers and perfect relationships.

i also watched "Downton Abbey" which is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good. i'm not kidding guys. this is not the type of period show you watch because you've been told it's so educational and instructive and whatever pretentious blah blah-- this show is just entertaining and fun, and critically acclaimed (and great despite of that ;D).

the result of this mismatch (and Friday's premiere) was that last night i had these recurring dreams of Castiel as a Lord Castiel of Herdhamdonfordfordshire and Dean and Sam as Footman and Chauffeur respectively. i don't rly remember what happened, i just know that now i want to read SPN/DA x-over and that's not happening any time soon.

i did have a dream right before i woke up, which ended quite depressingly on the much written scene where Sam goes off to college, except i mixed it up with that "Thank you for curing me of my incurable obsession with love" scene in "Moulin Rouge." in my dream, Dean walks after Sam as he storm out ("If you go, stay gone.") and hands him an envelope. Sam looks at Dean, surprisedgratefulregretfulface on, he's about to say thank you or no i can't take this, and Dean replies with something to the effect that Sam "earned it" anyway, a wink and a roll of the hips to twist the knife. i woke up feeling tragic. lol

i've seen some debates going around (TUMBLR sneer + ugh!) about who was at fault here, like Dean had to forgive Sam for walking out on the family or Dean was being totally unreasonable about Sam leaving for college. reading "The Forest of Hands and Teeth" (where something similar happens) i finally understood that Sam leaving was heartbreaking for both of them. i mean, i kind of knew, but TFoHaT really made me totally feel the heartbreak.

i don't want to give too much away, because unwanted spoilers suck, but i think this is so SPN (and maybe just what seems to happen to Dean over and over again) that i wanna share it. xP

"I think that even then I knew I wouldn't be enough for you,...It's no longer about the ocean. It's about you and what you want and need. Maybe you'll be happy with me for a few years..."

He pauses and I can see tears flooding his eyes again. "I can't be your second choice dream."

"Would you give up the ocean for me?"

I hesitate, place a hand on the doorjam. I had once hoped, as it did for my mother, love would keep all other dreams at bay. The realization that it will not washes over me and I walk through the door, leaving him without an answer.
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my kind's your kind by smallacts

“You’re all the things I’m not, all the things he wanted that I wasn’t. Headstrong, impulsive, vain without being at all sure of your worth. You’re brash and bold, or at least you would be, if you weren’t so angry, so confused by what’s happening to you.” Dom shakes his head. “No, I know you, Eames. You’ll be everything Arthur has ever wanted - a partner, a rival, someone to challenge his every move, his every desire. Nothing will compare to the satisfaction he gets when he finally wins you, when you finally realize that fighting him is nothing compared to giving in.”

“Love,” she says. And when the pair of them keep looking at her incomprehensibly, she adds, “Look, Dean sold his soul for Sam. He went to Hell for him. That’s pretty much beyond devotion. And Sam went nuts when Dean was gone—like, a looooong way off the deep end. And then there’s all the little things.”.

the last room by sevenfists

Bobby makes a noise. "We don't have time for that, son. That's your brother in the back seat—don't you want to give him a proper burial?"

"No," Dean says. He wants his fucking coat. He goes around to the trunk and shoves his hand in his pocket, looking for his keys, but they aren't there—they're supposed to be in his left pocket, that's where he always keeps them, and if they aren't there he doesn't know where the fuck they are. He'll have to hotwire the car, which is always a pain in the ass, especially when he has to fix it all later. He'd rather just find his fucking keys. Maybe they fell out in the mud, earlier, when he was—when Sam was—maybe he dropped them, is all.

Baby can dance. She can plan and she can fight. She makes a girl want to dream again.

At night, when the lights go out, if you're very quiet, you can slide your fingers down your belly, between your legs, give yourself what the men in here want to take from you.

Rocket used to think of Clark. She used to think of Sweetpea. Now she thinks of Baby and her big eyes and her soft hands and the way she holds a knife.

She thinks of Baby dancing.

stargazers by tiptoe39

Each stutter is harder and harder to listen to. Coiled energy is springing up in the seat of him, and Castiel doesn't think he can listen to another word, until Sam runs out of words and Castiel straightens up and fills the void and the silence with his own mouth, his lips sealing over Sam's, his fingertips pulling Sam's face in, his heart pounding loud enough to drum away the silence. The corners of his eyes catch the red-filtered gaze of the flashlight rolling uselessly over their star map before his lashes droop and he's not seeing anything.


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**idk if anybody's noticed but i've been on a bit of a hiatus! and not the kind of hiatus that means that Filomena is a partyin' ho with a really long dance card. oh, noes! Filomena has been studying and working and her life is a big workaholic mountain of poo. poo! FML. oh, and i'm talking about myself in the 3rd person which is totally a sign of major loserdoom and incoming depression.

***i am seriously loving USA shows, nerdy jewish doctors, suave bisexual conmen and their adorakable bisexual G-men, suits suits and more suits, notices that burn, guns and holsters, etc...well, except Covert Affairs. i know, i know. i really tried, and i wanted to love Annie, because idk if you guys know this amazing piece of information but Piper Perabo was a gorgeous lesbian in "Imagine You & Me" with the indomitable Lena Headey who is so hawtass that when people tell me Queen Cersei is a horrible bitch i say YES YES YES SHE IS DO YOU SEE THE HEARTS IN MY EYES THE PINK SPARKLY HEARTS?!?!? THEY ARE FOR HER BECAUSE I LOVE HER OMG! *runs around in circles* but yeah, Covert Affair sucks imo and if the CIA is that boring i'm going to have to stop using that as a come-hither line.

****i'm considering dipping my toes in the X-Men: First Class Fandom, but i'm sooooooooooooooo picky about exactly what i want that i think it'll just be an incoming avalanche of disappointment. after all, though the movie (i thought) did a good job of not being a Xavier or Magneto apologist, fanfic'ers already seem to be picking sides talking about "privileged" or "intolerant" or whatever. like, goddamn it, why can't you guys just leave stuff a little complex, ambiguous and not use fanfic as propaganda? when a movie about superheroes seems to be more nuanced than the meta on it-- idek, guys. this is why we can't have nice things or why i'm so freaking hesitant, either one.

*****i did somehow have time to read and not really like a few bigbang fics, but then again, i've purposely been leaving off anything that sounds truly good as a present for myself. like, umm, anything [livejournal.com profile] glassyskies has ever written and will ever write, 'cause that fierce bitch can do no wrong, and [livejournal.com profile] britomart_is 's big bang which I'm pretending was written for me, because j'adore Jess. yep, and though i have a hard time buying threesomes (they are usually graphic and not really passionate) Jess/Dean/Sam and any variation thereof is amazingly appealing to me in the right hands (like, the non-girl-hating hands? those hands) stfu, the woman has legs up to her armpits and she was clearly kickass. (in my mind canon, Jess is Girl!Dean and don't tell me that's not trufax, 'cause i ain't gonna listen.

*******if you haven't been reading "Captive Prince" I FEEL SO SORRY FOR YOU. SERIOUSLY. LIKE, OCEANS OF PITY IN YOUR GENERAL DIRECTION. yes, this is a rec. take this shit seriously, yo. it will change your life.

********also, damn you [livejournal.com profile] rhythmsextion for making me like football enough that i'm watching "Necessary Roughness" right now and thinking J2! J2! J2!


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