Feb. 2nd, 2012

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* Gonna take some online classes, because apparently taking semesters off does something to me and I must study my whole fucking life. C'est la vie, or whatever.

* I was thinking of doing a "Filo Fashion Week." Would anybody be willing to do that with me? Like, not get dressed or anything, but take photographs or their outfits for a week (on the hanger) and then post them? I'm always so curious to see what other people put on. Yes, I wonder about what my F-list wears. Don't judge.

* Read"The Threesome Handbook" by Victoria Vantoch and --wow-- I think I stan her a bit now (and not just because she has a section on finding yr inner queer). I'm as uninterested in 3-somes as I was before I read the book, because my brain doesn't work that way and my jealousy is epic and devastating, but I respect her pov, her sexual assertiveness and her motivations for wanting to live a threesomey life (I don't like that she used negging as a seduction technique; I was ecstatic over her emphasis on not being a pressuring coercive creepster). It also randomly made me think about how even the words for vagina can be such contentious thing, 'cause she kept using the word "pussy" and got to the point where I got kind of uncomfortable about it. Idk, because I've used the word and read it and usually I feel really friendly about it, but-- maybe it was the frequency of the use to the exclusion of all other words? (Hershey-highway for ass was not much better, tbh) I know other people are skeeved by the word "cunt" or even "vagina," but-- no clue, really. I just felt uncomfortable and don't even about it.

* read the Suiteverse and I wanted to talk to somebody about it, because it's such an odd duck. so my reactions to it are conflicted. i will try to give voice to them with the aid of emoticons.

\o/ well-written & compellingly readable
/o\ while reading it I don't think about whether the characters are OOC or IC because I'm pretty much ooooooohing and aaahhhhhhhhhing my whole way through, but after I think, wow, these dudes are not the canon dudes
\o/ atmospheric as all fuck
/o\ Sam is a BAMF, but his focus while he's in the suite is so narrow that he feels more pedantic and petty than impressive and intimidating. He does terrible shit and yet a lot of the time I tend to think, "Wow, Sam you're so annoying."
\o/ inventive and interesting in its use of superpowers and satanic magic
/o\ the plot is too cyclical/recycled. Dean won't give in, or not give in perfectly enough for the strident specifications of a very strict, demanding Sam and then Sam does some horrible shit, Dean suffers, lather, rinse, repeat.
\o/ horrifyingly descriptive
caveat: I'm rly more of a drama reader than a darkfic reader, and will ask more from darkfic than I will from crack or any other genre.

rating: idek. read if you want, and judge for yourself.


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