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Blind/Dates by ~Captanddeastar
* Charming, Adorable, Flawless, Lovely Etc.
* Rom-comy without being annoying about it.
* Peter is Captain Oblivious, and yes, I've met people like that who are brilliant but wouldn't know you were flirting with them if you hit them on the nose with your undies.
* Neal is the Ambassador of Sexy and Elizabeth is as epic as always.
* OT3 forever, bb.

A Lot of Walking by ~Ewinfic
* So I read the A/N about the Big Gay Freakout and thought it was gonna be a combo of funny and heartbreaking-- well, it was crack on top of crack on top of more crack.
* John was awesome as Gay (But really Heterosexual) Zen Master.
* Their "Sexy" conversation is too graphic to be passionate, imo, so again? Crack.

You have one saved Message by ~Killabeez
* Well-written, but just a smidgen too sappy for me. I need more restraint in my fics, or something. IDEK.


Lady and the Tramp by Joanna Johnen
Flaws upon your sleeve by ~Glassy Skies

* This fic is amazeballs.
* I'm telling you, it's amazeballs.
* This fic? It has Sebastian Roche. A Sebastian Roche, who is like Misha's very own Fairy Godfather. He is completely wonderful and completely believable, and it's amazing that he is because sometimes completely wonderful is not very believable. For serious. I used to enjoy him, but after this fic? I ADORE HIM.
* Misha...how to describe it. He's in London, and somehow-- have you guys ever read "Washington Square"? I think they're giving it on cable these days, I haven't seen it 'cause I read the novella when I was a teenager (for my English class I think it was) and it was SO FREAKING PAINFUL TO ME ((everything is like a gazillion times more first-and-second-hand-embarrassing when you're a teenager)) but anyways-- He's a bit like Catherine, except that he's awkwardly exquisite and not just exquisitely awkward.
* GS's Jensen? What, when drunk, one sees in other women, one sees in Garbo Jensen sober.
* I wanted to read "The JP Untitled Project" because I always read P&P during the Holidays and I was thinking I could compare the two, and then I was reading this fic and I noticed that once again-- the talk of $$$ came up. Because in Jane Austen there's no talk of love without talk of money and yet it doesn't feel mercenary, but people are painfully aware of their station in life and how it relates to other people's station. And I don't see that in Americanfic that often, and yet it's right there in Austen's work and in TJPUP (written by a Brit, I believe) and here it is again.
* &
He can’t breathe in here.

He wants to go home. (But not home, never home.)

He needs to get away.

The air outside is warm and damp on his skin, but it feels like freedom. He’s out. He escaped.

I am never going back.

* & also:
“Good would be an understatement.” Jensen is back with him again, cameras away. “You’re very cute. Bet you broke someone’s heart comin’ over here.”

My mother’s? He forces himself not to say that. Stupid. Jensen means a girlfriend, of course. And Misha swallows around how awkward that makes him. His first instinct is to tilt his chin and look away, make some excuse and walk.

To Hell with instinct. Let’s act. Let’s pretend you’re someone called Misha who is happy to talk, who is glad to share stories, who has the funniest life to tell people about.

“No,” Misha says through gritted teeth, “no one’s heart’s breaking over me.” He tries for a self-deprecating smile.

* And also, so many other quotes. So many. but this one too:
“I can leave you alone if you want. But I know you’re not that kind, are you? You ain’t going to live your whole life by yourself. You were made…” He doesn’t say whatever he’s going to, because he starts kissing Misha instead.

He just holds Misha still and kisses him, so warm and steady and sure.

Between the tangle of soft, hesitant tongue and the worry of boozy breath, Misha imagines, hopes, that Jensen wants to say made for me. He doubts it. But Misha is in the business of telling stories.

He likes the quietness of a good lie, someone else’s love story, resting in his mouth. He allows himself to hold onto it just long enough that he thinks maybe it’s not all lies. Maybe this is my story.

* So in conclusion read this fic, read this fic, read this fic, or suffer my pity. For serious. Yes, it's a WIP. Still. Read it.
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