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as always, there are soooooooooo many exceptions! because good writers, like good cooks, can make you try anything and like it. ;D

/o\  most likely not gonna read/like a fic if it has:

* character bashing -- you just "happen" to hate this and that female character? fine. don't create a whole fic in order to prove how shitty that character is, i will not be convinced. i'll just think you're a douche, and go read the fics of people who aren't douches.
* stan agendas - no, Sam isn't perfect, does not sweat Keiko Mecheri and no Dean is not perfect either, he does not jizz chocolate.
* portrayals of people who think the Dean/Sam is weird as judgmental poofaces, not everybody thinks that brotherfucking is awesome. shocking, i know!
* protagonist centered morality. just because Harry does it, doesn't mean it's morally justifiable - thanks [livejournal.com profile] squishyball
* -isms because they suck
* hopeless endings -- usually, but some writers can get away with anything.
* too much hurt, not enough comfort
* too much comfort, not enough hurt
* emotional manipulation DON'T TELL ME WHAT TO FEEL, YOU'RE NOT THE BOSS OF ME!
* established, smooth-sailing relationships
* darkfic for the sake of being dark
* unrestrained fluff  b/c i don't find fluff actually fluffy, i find it cynical, like love doesn't actually exist.
* OOC-ness - no, Eames is not an uneducated idiot & Lucius is not a misunderstood woobie.
* most PWP-fics...i just don't find what the majority of people find sexy, actually sexy. in a lot of fics the sex scene for me happens before the sex scene, when a character says a "throwaway line" or when the characters exchange a look or whatever.

\o/ most likely will like the fic if it has:

* beauty without sacrificing clarity and vice versa
* hopeful or happy ending
* immense sacrifices done in a manner-of-fact way
* all consuming life-ruining passion
* 3-d villains
* conflict
* length, girth, depth :D shutup
* actual h/c
* love that's so shown it doesn't have to be told
* mystery - i love it when there's as much implied as what is shown, when the author respects the reader enough to judiciously leave stuff out.  
* 3-d characters and relationships
* x-overs
* fab female characters
* dystopias
* zombies. what? Fandom needs more zombies.
* competence kink


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